EPL 2021-22 Omnibus Thread

We’re about a half an hour from the EPL debut of Brentford.

Brentford F.C. - Wikipedia.

This is an analytically driven club that has punched above its weight. Cant wait to see how they do against Arsenal who will be without Auba and LaCazette.

Brentford scores first. Pandemonium in the finally full stands. What a great moment.

Brentford partying like its 2019.

Why oh why do I keep rooting for Arsenal???

It is only the first match with a couple of your best players missing. This was going to be a tough match anyway. Its so awesome watching the Brentford fans celebrate singing Hey Jude. Its making me a little teary but then Im a softie,

We are Brentford
Super Brenford
Super bees

Go Bees go! :soccer: :trophy:

It’s the first season in a little bit where Man City aren’t overwhelming favorites to win the league. I still think they’re favorites, but ManU and Chelsea are legit contenders, I think. Unless the Kane deal happens, then I think City are pretty clear again. I guess Tottenham to round out the top 4?

Last season the EPL overtook La Liga as the best in the world (maybe a year prior?) but this year it’s miles better than the rest. Should be a fun season.

Real Madrid petitioning to join the EPL?? Crazy right?

Man U just destroyed Leeds 5-1. They are looking like a favorite after one match.

Interesting. They obviously think La Liga is holding them back with the Super League and then this rumor. I think that’s probably accurate. If the EPL continues to attract the most money it’ll be interesting to see if anything happens.

Maybe Im misreading the English FAs mentality but I think they would never allow a ‘foreign’ club to join. Celtic and Rangers would be admitted before RM, imo.

Allow it, but start Madrid at the bottom of the professional pyramid, with opponent’s reasonable travel costs coming out of their share. If they play their cards right, they can keep Champions League football through tournament play, but also bring a bit of money to some clubs that wouldn’t otherwise get it. (And by that, I mean it makes me laugh to think about)

Yeah, I don’t think the FA would allow it either. I am curious what sorts of things other clubs will try if the EPL sucks up most of the global market share. Will the non-English super clubs still be able to compete in 10 years?

Kudos to Richarlison for playing in the finals of the Copa America, the finals of the Olympics last week and now starting for Everton in week 1.

Looks like it got ugly in Manchester today with a bunch of football hooligans

Tottenham go up 1-0 without Kane. They sure are looking good. I really wish the EPL had tampering rules.

Great first week of footie bookended by the Brentford upset of Arsenal and the Tottenham upset of Man City. With the fans back this looks to be a magical season in the making.

Great start for Spurs. Terrace chant (to “Frere Jacques”): “Are you watching?/Are you watching?/Harry Kane?/Harry Kane? :rofl:

Agreed. They played with great passion. I also love Espirito Santo. If Kane decides he wants to stay they will threaten for the title as long as he stays healthy.

I think they’re more likely to miss the CL than win the league, even if Kane stays, but they’re a good team.