EPL Fantasy Football 2012/2013

In amongst all the other sporting goodness like Euro 2012, the Olympics and so on, the EPL has rolled around again.
The SDMB League on http://fantasy.premierleague.com has been renewed and anyone who was part of it last year will be automatically included. Anyone new who wants to join in the code is 635527-161842.

The 1st Gameweek is 18th August so all teams will need to be in by then. You have unlimited transfers until that point, so plenty of time to react to the latest gossip.

EPL Fantasy Football 2009/2010, was won by bucketybuck.
EPL Fantasy Football 2010/2011, was won by chelseafc.
EPL Fantasy Football 2011/2012, was won by We are the Numpties.

Selhurst Blues are once again ready to take on all-comers.

Good luck to all.