Do Employers check to see if you have a high school deploma or ged all the time ?

No, but they will usually check whether you can use proper English.

Sorry not perfect. Do you think a company like Just Tires a division of Goodyesr would for a store leval sales position ?

I believe employers may ask your references about your claimed qualifications. If something doesn’t match they’ll probably toss your resume aside. Some places will also run a background check where that info might be found to be false but I think you need to consent to that.

Some places also test your skills directly with a written test as well so if you aren’t especially proficient in writing that may come out then as well.

No, not all employers care. I worked at a wrecking yard, we didn’t care.

I work at a winery now and I don’t think the guy who does the hiring cares about that. He just wants people that are personable and neat looking.

So, not always, but it’s still a very good idea to finish high school. (Sorry, I’m a mom) :slight_smile:

Thank You. I just took drug test and i am waiting for criminal background ck with the county of Los Angeles Do you think im ok ? Would they have gone to the expense and time if i was not go to go ?

Dear Mom Im studying for my GED now. Thank you for your concern

Do employers even go this far in the application process if they going to check ?

If they paid for the drug test, then I assume you have cleared all their hurdles that would have been free to check first. I am not a guy who does hirings tho.

Usually they just ask you that on the application. And they often don’t bother to check that, especially if it’s years ago.

but if you said Yes on the application, and that’s not true … they can use this dishonest response to fire you anytime – even years later.

So don’t lie on your application. Put down “GED in process – 40% completed” or similar. Most employers will accept that.

Since the OP is looking for advice let’s move this to IMHO.

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Thank you it was a bad mistake not to finish but i really need this job now and will get my GED ASAP

The company I work for says they require it, but I know several coworkers that never got their diploma or GED. I’d imagine it isn’t too high on the list of things to check. They are more concerned with a background check and drug tests.

I agree with those who day not to lie. Say GED in progress, or “enrolled in GED classes starting on…” It will come back to be a problem. Another coworker was arrested for shoplifting in 1965, when she was 18, and failed to disclose it. The company eventually used it as a way to fire her (in 2010) and not pay unemployment when she became an annoyance.

Dear MUDSHARK A background ck is mainly criminal and driving cks is this correct in your opininon? I just took drug test and they paid Do you think im ok ? Hate this situation but must have job. Thanks PUPPUP :slight_smile:

It would be very unusual for an employer to confirm your educational claims, at least for secondary education. A diploma or GED (or lack thereof) won’t show up on a standard background check, and you would generally have to sign a separate release before the school (or any of the checking clearinghouses) could find out if you graduated. Now, if you never even attended high school they might smoke you out if they Google your name and you don’t show up on classmates.com.

Having said that, I advise you not to lie on your employment application if you are planning to do so. You might forfeit eligibility for unemployment or workers’ compensation benefits later on if you do (assuming you lose the job or get hurt at work).

Thank you for your post. As stated in prev post i regret no getting my dip i did attend hs.
Your comment is very important to me Thanks again. PUPPUP:)

I work in a shipping center; presenting proof of at least a high school diploma or GED was required for employment. If you didn’t have it, you may have gotten hired for a week or two, but you would and will be terminated if you don’t show it to HR by whatever deadline you are given. There are a couple exceptions but those are people who qualify as handicapped and they have slightly different documentation they (or their caregiver) have to provide.

It all depends on the company and what they want/require.

If you say you have a high school education, nobody will question it or ask for proof. Well, maybe not “nobody” but 99% of employers will take you at your word on that. There may be other reasons they won’t hire you, but they won’t waste their time checking your HS records if you interview well for the job.

Thank you BARKIS Im sorry i did not finish HS and i encourage everyone to do so. On my way to get GED now !

I’ve worked at company’s where we requested the proof of graduation or a GED. Where I’m at now, we only check via background your higher education claims such as some college or complete degrees. If you say you graduated from HS, we don’t check that part. Previous employers would not order a drug test until your background processed, so it sounds like you’re good to go…

In the future, just be honest. Recruiters and company decision makers can overlook small things especially if you say you are currently enrolled in obtaining your GED (better be true!). Lying or omitting that info cuts you out and rescinds offers of employment. Even on little things like that.