Eppur, si muove!?

Is there a good – adequate – English-Latin translator on the web? I’d really like to know what you people are saying in your signature files.

Will someone who is fluent in German please tell me how you would say “Trolls who hide under outhouses with red-hot pokers”?

P.S. I really do want to know!

well, I am saying “but still it moves”…what Galileo (according to legend) said under his breath when the church made him deny his earlier claim that the Earth moves around the sun and say instead that the Earth doesn’t move.

Here’s some cool latin phrases:


Here’s an online dictionary (there are lots more, tough to find a useful one; actually most people use quotes and you’d be better off searching for the exact phrase on Altavista rather than trying to translate it):


You get a gold star if you can tell me what my name means. :slight_smile:

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

AltaVista also has a translator program, BabelFish, but it doesn’t do Latin–just French, Spanish, Portuguese, German etc.

I mainly use it to poke fun at people who don’t spell-check their posts around here…first I run the offending post through MS Word’s spell-check, choosing the proffered word that generates the maximum comic effect, then translate it into (say) Portuguese and then back into English. You get some VERY funny results sometimes.

Salve amici, et gaudeo quod Latinus vobis interest … but isn’t “Eppur si muove” Italian?

And as long as we’re talking about mysterious sig files, who the heck was Shmuel HaKatan?

Gaudere wrote:

You mean the Dutch neolatin poet? Or the runner?

They say I got the power, because I got the monkeys.
They are WRONG! I got the power because I am not afraid to let the monkeys loose.

Salve nauta. Quid agit? Novus in urbe?


If I remember my Latin correctly, it’s the infinitive form of the verb “rejoice”. And, no, “Eppur, si muove” is definitely not Latin.

Yeah…Skullar asked for a latin dictionary, and seemed curious what my sig meant; I didn’t think to make it clear that my sig wasn’t latin after all.

I, also, want to know about “Shmuel HaKatan”…

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

You get the gold star, omniscientnot. <font size=6 color=ffcc00>*</font>

But a good guess, Darkfox. :slight_smile:

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

Thanks Gaudere for the Latin info. I found Gaudere in a story review of the “Nymph”, “His name was Gaudere, from the Latin, meaning to rejoice”.

Lumpy says:

According to AltaVista you should say: “Trolls, das sich verstecken unter Outhouses mit roten heißen Pokers?” If you really want to know?

Moriae Encomium Erasmi

Damn! I wasn’t fast enough in my research.

Note to self: Always check current threads before posting.

Hmmm… maybe. But I’m sure there are Deutch(sp?) words for both poker and outhouse, so I wouldn’t trust a translation program.

Latin. Italian. It’s all Greek to me, with familiar looking characters.

Come to think of it “house” is “haus” – isn’t it?

That’s why I said the translation was done by AltaVista.

Peace and Goodnight to all :slight_smile:

Moriae Encomium Erasmi

I thought a gaudere would be a female trinket seller (but, of course, not in Latin).


Kobolde, die sich mit rotheissen Schuereisen unter Aussenaborten verbergen.

Guadere, great site for those Latin phrases! Very funny!