EP's and LP's?

What are the differences between them?

EPs (extended plays) only have 3-6 songs on them. They are “extended” from a single (2 songs).

LPs (long players) are full length albums.

All my old EPs are in the 12 inch vinyl format like LPs, but play at 45 rpm like singles. But, yeah, Lisa has it right.

God, am I old…

Well, the usual American EP had four songs (two on each side) and were 10 inches instead of 12. The format never really caught on in America, though.

UK EPs were 7 inch, 45 RPM, with 2 songs on each side - sometimes the best songs from an LP, and sometimes a singles collection, such as a “Best of…” e.g. four Motown hits.

Usually with a glossy, laminated cover instead of the paper singles cover.

I’m feeling my age as well…