Epson Printer Ad?

OK, a couple of years back, Epson ran a print campaign showing these pictures, and then revealing these subtle peculiarities that you could only pick out if you were using an Epson Printer. At least I think it was epsoon. So, there was this one, with a girl in a bathing suit, or somesuch, with a swimming cap on, too, if i remember correctly. The line went something like “With a regular printer, you’ll see a girl in a swimsuit…With an Epson, you’ll see that the swimsuit is painted on.” I’m trying to find this advertisement, so, if anybody has any idea where to look, I’d appreciate the advice. Thanks.

What some people are willing to do to see a picture of a pair of semi-naked breasts…

I think I just saw that add in PC Week recently. I suspect it’s still running.

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