Equalizing volume on MP3 music?

I use my Android phone as my default MP3 music player. What I find annoying is that some songs come out super loud, and others come out super soft. Meaning that I have to spend a lot of time fiddling with the volume controls from song to song. Now I have heard of a program called MP3Gain which is not just a “normalizer program,” but can apparently recode the MP3s and equalize the volume on all the songs. Unfortunately it seems to be only for the PC.

Does anyone know if there some kind of Android phone app that I can download which is like MP3Gain to equalize MP3 music volume? Or do I have to get MP3Gain on the PC and run it, and then redownload all the music to the phone?

You can do with your PC but the files on the phone - mount your phone on your PC using a USB cable, run mp3gain on the Music folder on your phone.


I will try it, thanks!