Equating IRS Auditing of High Profile Conservatives with Kristallnacht

11 million people just rolled over in their graves…


STEPHEN COLBERT: “Because nothing fights bigotry like equating the Jews with an elite cabal that controls the world economy!”

“Idiot write idiotic things-News at 11!”

Wingnuts seem to have a fixation with the Kristallnacht concept. Just a couple of years ago the radical right was calling on adherents nationwide to hold a kristallnacht of their very own. Apparently because of the ACA. Or Nancy Pelosi. Or 'cause freedom. Or something.

Part of me enjoys this, because the more they do this the faster the GOP ensures they cannot get more than 45% of the electorate in national elections to support them.

But what happens when that happens cycle after cycle, and the biggest election is in the democratic primary, and a true progressive is elected? The GOP thinks Obama is Hitler. Obama is a wimpy centrist who fears confrontation against the powerful. I’d like to see how they are affected by an Elizabeth Warren for president.

“I believe in Kristallnacxht, because I believe in ME.”

Obviously, if these charges are true, then we have a very serious problem.

I understand that the Tea Party is a movement, rather than a political organization. However, under 26 U.S. Code § 501©4, they are restricted to the amount and types of political involvement (501©3 organizations are completely prohibited) … to wit:

If the Tea Party is in compliance with the above, then power to them … but if they’re getting involved in politics …

… then they should pay taxes.

I’ve also seen the phrase “blood libel” occasionally invoked in political discourse in recent years, sometimes by LWs, mostly by RWs. The reaction of Jews is always the same: If you are not being accused of abducting babies for ritual murder and cannibalism, you are not being blood-libeled.