Equipment designers in Europe - is 35 mm a common size for square SS tubing?

Is 35 mm a pretty common size for square stainless steel tubing in Europe?

I have a German-built machine with some square tubes spanning a space inside and they measure about that (it’s a tough place to measure and hard to get closer than maybe a couple millimeters). But it sounds like an odd size and there’s no reason they need to be any particular size; if it was arbitrary I would have thought 30 or 40 or 50 would have been a more common size.

If you found a tube that for no special reason measured around this size would you think “that’s ordinary 35 mm tubing” or would you think “that’s weird, we should try harder to check the size”?

I can buy 1 3/4" tubing here in the US, but if I thought I found some in an analogous situation I’d schedule downtime so I could check more accurately, because it would be unexpected. If I measured near 2" I’d just figure I had a good number.

I’m no equipment designer, but 5s are about as common as 0s. Nothing weird about it. Just yesterday my brother was givng me some tube size recommendations (in this case, the kind used to hide cables in industrial installations) and all the figures ended in 5; the size he recommended was 25x35.

A list of pipes and tubes from one of the biggest hardware chains. Some end in 3s; some are straight translations from inches.