"Equity" comes to schools in Vancouver

What part do you object to? “Soup-for-brains leftists”, “slow-witted kids”, or the actual content?

Aren’t there still AP classes?

How many divisions do you recommend? Vancouver now apparently has two, from three. My kids’ school has four. Should there be 5? 10? What gradation of subject smarts do you think is the right one?

Gosh, not like I haven’t already said, more than once, but play your games, you’re really showing us how wrong you really think disdain and contempt are…

As I’ve said before, I think that “gifted” services, much as I hate the nomenclature, are absolutely necessary, and that teaching students within their zone of proximal development is crucial, and that adequate differentiation within the classroom is not, at least within the US system, always practical. But if anyone were going to persuade me that I was wrong, it would be ZosterSandstorm, who does such an incredible job parodying the shitty racist elitist proponents of gifted services that it makes me question whether I’m right to defend them.

I apologize for having only quickly browsed most of this thread. But I need to respond to:

I believe it can happen, because it happened to me. When I was in 5th grade, taking 5th grade math with the rest of my class (hey, this year we add numbers with ONE MORE DIGIT!) my teacher gave me extra worksheets, and I also learned pre-algebra. So yeah, I was literally sitting in the 5th grade class with median kids and learning pre-algebra via individualized instruction. Then, when I went to junior high they tested me, and put me in the algebra class rather than the pre-algebra class. It messed up my whole schedule, because the 8th grade classes had different scheduling than the 7th grade classes, but it was fun and I learned the math.

While I believe that for subjects like literature or history or even some of the sciences, I am dubious about it for topics that are cumulative, like math or foreign language. While I did succeed in learning pre-calc on my own, I didn’t actually have any instruction, as the teacher spent her instruction time addressing the rest of the class. I suppose you could put the talented 7th graders who are learning algebra in the same class as the less talented 9th graders who are finally getting to it in their curriculum. But I think you do want kids to be able to get instruction appropriate to what they are ready to learn.

So says the guy that demonstrated how slow witted he was by showing others that he was an ignorant about what a grammar Nazi was.

Since there were already other items mentioned that influenced the changes (not because of a leftist agenda) I will note here that not being more witted does lead you to fall for the half baked spin from the right wing sources of info.

The ‘Honors’ course covered something like Math 8-10, and there is no AP equivalent. That is what I was telling you earlier in the thread. Honours and AP were complementary, not a replacement for each other.

Okay, so I assume it’s the term ‘slow-witted’.

a. @ZosterSandstorm is no more likely to listen to me than to you, so it would be pointless virtual signalling to say anything.

b. I’m not the language police. Elite culture is already far too obsessed with exact words over the content of what people say, to the point it’s oppressive to everyone else. I don’t want to add to that culture unless it’s for something egregious.

And no, someone using that term on a message board, not directed at anyone in particular, is very different to a teacher calling an individual student that in front of the class (or even in private). Context matters.

So, for calculus, the super-accelerate math kids can be properly separated from “the normies”, right? Same for physics, history, language arts, foreign language, comp sci, psychology?

If it matters, then I have to mention that I’m involved on administrative duties in one of the schools I work for. But if context matters, it already should had been clear that not all is the doom what the OP was talking about.

At the median high school in Vancouver, there is a single AP math class, offered to 12th graders only, which requires as a prerequisite an “honors 11th grade math” class that, as of the changes being discussed in this thread, no longer exists. So, whether that AP class will survive past this year or whether anyone will be prepared to take it is in doubt. I linked to the school’s course catalog etc. earlier in the thread.

How many divisions do you recommend? Vancouver now apparently has two, from three. My kids’ school has four. Should there be 5? 10? What gradation of subject smarts do you think is the right one?

For an average size high school, dealing with something that everyone is required to take such as “your 11th grade math class,” at least 5.

I sure hope you aren’t involved in administering classes in English or in logical argumentation.

Does the fact that you work in a school in an administrative role and are incapable of seeing anything in the world except through the lens of critical race theory put to bed the nonsense about how “critical race theory only influences law schools?”

Not sure what you are trying to say here. There will be no accelerated kids in future since they are removing the accelerated maths course.

Re number of levels: despite being taught in mixed ability classes for most subjects, GCSE exams were typically divided into 3 papers, which all had some overlap. For mathematics, however, there were students taking 5 different papers at age 16. I think that level of differentiation would be well nigh impossible for any teacher in a class of 30 pupils.

Asking you to stop using your mod-protected privilege of derailing any thread that you don’t like by posting reams of incomprehensible garbage or repeatedly arguing with imaginary people is not what the term “grammar Nazi” refers to. The term “grammar Nazi” refers to nitpicking irrelevant or made-up errors in usage such as misplaced punctuation marks, violating Strunk and White’s fabricated rules of language, etc. Since I was doing the former and not the latter, your invocation of the term was inaccurate, and was obviously, in context, part of your general habit of denouncing everyone who isn’t on board with extreme leftism as a Nazi. Since it came in a thread that spun off one where you repeatedly defended government-imposed racial discrimination, it was particularly abhorrent.

Well thanks for showing all once again you did not pay attention, I told everyone then that I did not, unlike you, I do know my limitations.

Well, you have to show all your lack of attention powers again uh?

You only show all that you are a willful ignorant on CRT as well as in other issues.

We need to use more sensitive language, such as “social disorder” and “the problem with America” for people who want to take challenging math classes.

No, you are being stupid, this is more so when in the previous post you do show to all that you do want to shut up others like me when one has issues with grammar.

There’s a difference between imperfect grammar and either

  1. total incomprehensibility, which you achieve with about 25% of your posts and you deploy strategically to make threads that you don’t like unusable

  2. constantly arguing with invisible opponents and/or yourself - e.g. in the “Another Critical Race Theory” thread you’ve tried to start an argument about people using the word “woke” about 50 times, even when it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed and seemingly no one but you is using that word. See also in this thread where you introduced the “Why Evolution is True” blog, denounced it as racist, and accused people of relying on it for news, when no one else in this thread but you ever mentioned or, as far as anyone can verify, has even heard of this blog.

It’s annoying enough that you do these things at all, and it’s particularly galling that the mods let you do it precisely because of their ideological alignment with you, when people on the other side can’t make one legitimate, readable post about certain issues. There is no way someone arguing FOR educational standards or AGAINST critical race theory would be allowed to make the same post dozens of times because they want the thread to be about something other than what it is, or consistently post the kind of word soup that you specialize in using to make threads where you are losing the argument unreadable.

It was demonstrated also in the thread I linked that it is you the one who has the problem. I have to notice that this usually takes place when opponents fall on their faces when idioms are used. I will have to say that IMHO that points to posters that do come from other countries that attempt to seed divisions in the US and Canada.

Which is more likely, that you are misusing idioms in your second language, or that native English speakers are inexplicably getting them wrong?

Lol, are you going to accuse him of being a Russian bot?

Uh, you are the one consistently starting threads and posting la-la-land territory exaggerations about changes in American or Canadian schools. Someone is allowing you to post them, but since this was moved into the pit, it shows that it is not me the one that is skating on thin ice.

The context shows that I’m more correct. When almost all others report that guys like Zoster are the ones getting wrong, for telling reasons. In that case a disingenuous attempt at trying to get moderators to fall for the “I was called a Nazi” stupid point of his.

It is not really relevant, but I’m only saying that the last one that tried to claim that I was getting idioms wrong was banned as he was a jerk too.