Erfworld: Book 2 discussion (spoilers)

There’d been a request in the last thread to start anew when Book 2 began. So here we are:

Parson’s klog 001

I’m guessing there’s a hint in there of what Parson is going to have Jack do… but heck if I can figure it out.

edit: Actually, it’s Issue 2 of Book 2 that’s starting. But… eh.

I’d be curious what happens to that arrow at the next turn - because I can see it as a way to pre-shoot a withering hail of fire into the next hex.

New Erf

Oh, dear. Don King is unknowingly playing straight into Vinny’s hands…

Caesar, you mean? Yeah, if this battle goes like I think it might, he’s going to regret presenting a live feed to every big shot in court, including somebody with a Gump-sized chip on his shoulder…

Oops. Yeah, Caesar.

Although, come to think, Vinny is going to have decidedly mixed emotions when Jillian gets home.

Oooh. Do you really think he will? I have a feeling Caesar’s about to fall to Don’s cunning.

Go on holiday for one lousy week and you all sneak off without me! :wink:

Don King is about to televise his glorious triumph.

That’s the genre awareness equivalent of bragging about what you and your girl are going to do once you get home when the war is over. Inevitable reversal must immediately follow.

Plus, we know that Spacerock is about to get Parsoned.

Caesar is sure to seize the moment. Don’s cunning will come into play in whether he fends Caesar off, or not.

new text update

Looks like Trammenis is putting his units right where they can get splatted by falling dwagons. I just wonder if Parson is going to drop some onto the tower (to get decrypted by Wanda).

Speaking of Foolamancy, maybe Jack can make everyone look like Wanda, and give Tramennis the problem of knowing which target to drop.

I think that’s what Tramennis’ comment about the archers not having a clear choice of targets meant.

And: new Erfworld

I think that Don knows about Charlie’s involvement.

Jetstone has no heir designate. So if Slately dies, it’s game over for them. Interesting.

Text Update

With Zhoppa (standing behind a counter, for the manpouch-averse). I was kinda expecting Sizemore this time, since it’s been so long since he’s shown up.

I was thinking more about the dwagons literally cwapping…er, crapping someone off the tower. There’s already a precedent - remember the early comic with Bogroll standing in the courtyard holding a target-umbrella? And Parson has already asked several questions about non-standard projectiles and what happens to thrown/falling objects when it’s not your turn.

So if the dwagons all poop on the tower or the troops ahead of the start of their turn, will the poop just hang in the air? Will it hit the targets (given that the air/garrison border is apparently the ground)? What if Jack cloaks the droppings as they fall? Could be interesting.

No, I don’t normally think about poop this much.

New Erf

I for one have not a clue what Parson is planning.

Foghat jokes. Good lord, that takes me back.

I suspect that Parson is planning on dropping Units onto the Jetstone parlayers. Erfworld’s rules will allow the units to fall through the Zone boundaries (where projectiles would be stopped), and the falling rules mean that the Units might even survive. If not, then Wanda’ll be able to decrypt 'em.

And then, they’ll be in the garrison zone, able to engage. Plus, they’ll have possibly squished some of the parlayer units. Who may also be decrypted then.

I think someone also pointed out that the giant, stained-glass window in Spacerock’s tower keep which one of the text updates described is just crying out for something to go crashing through it.

… Also, Jack is really reminding me of Trammenis here.

A brief interlude with Jillian and Ansom.

She sure is giving him a lot of information, given that he might not be turnable (especially if there’s anything to Parson’s worry that Wanda might be able to perceive and know anything one of her Decrypted does).