erganomic keyboards really sh*t me off.

Goddammit! I’m stuck using one of these bloody things cause my computer at work is being used by someone else and so I have to use the one that belongs to the guy that’s away. Every time i go to type something, I have to read it very very carefully cause otherwise I miss letters, or hit the wrong ones or when I go for SPACE I get ALT and end up printing something, or calling up the fucking help menu. end the HOME, PG UP, DEL keys are all in the wrong place, and so when I go to hit END to get to the end of the line of text I hit DEL or insert and fuck up whatever I’ve been typing and when I got for ESC I get the fucking ` button, whatever that sign is meant to be used for.

fucking microsoft trying to fuck with my head again. ARGHHH!
Plus this guy usually uses a ‘foot mouse’ (ie, a regular mouse that he manipulates with his bare foot) which I’ve tried to clean with disinfectent and hospital grade detergent, but it still smells funny…

Oh well… I’m off to the local university campus bar tonight cause my sister just got a job there so I’ll get a few freebys and calm myself down.

Hello, Pit thread…

oh - I agree; those keyboards suck.

I have no idea what you people are talking about. I love my keyboard.
I cannot type on any other now.
I didn’t see any difference when I made the change, but I sure see it when I have to use someone elses keyboard and it is all flat with everything in perfect rows.
Didn’t change a thing for my husband either since he started as a hunt and peck kind of typer and now he is getting pretty good. He still watches his hands though.

But I am truly sorry for you about that foot thing. Ugh! Feet are gross anyway. Yeah, that is not on my list of fetishes. Ack!