Eric the Eel - Olypics funny

My favorite olympic moment so far, ha!

Oh man, I almost lost it when they put the record line up!

psst Eric the Eel competed in Sydney in 2000


Still funny…

Don’t laugh, the guy broke the all-time record for his country! :smiley:

Pure gold.

Awwww. That’s so cool. I love those kind of stories. It takes real heart to compete when you know you don’t really stand much of a chance.

Dude. You’re supposed to say, 'I didn’t say “My favourite Olympic moment so far in these Olympics so far!” :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’d been one of the other (disqualified) two, I’d have bought that guy a beer. After all, he was the fastest guy in the pool. And he worked a lot harder for his medal than either of the other two would have.

I could have slapped the commentators…“As you know, Equatorial Guinea has no swimming pools.”

Equatorial Guinea has the 9th highest per capita GDP in the world. It’s a small oil country. Every Equatorial Guinean I’ve known has been literally dripping in gold, we’re talking ten gold rings per a hand clutching a Dubai duty-free shopping bag rich.

I promise you there are pools there. Moussambani might not have been invited to practice in them (it’s not a share-the-wealth kind of place and most people are still extremely poor), but they were there.

Africa is a huge, complicated, diverse place. If your job is a news reporter, you have some kind of obligation to not say ignorant things on the air, even if they are funny. Stuff like this is why people don’t know shit about Africa and there really is no excuse for it.

Not to defend ignorance, but the commentators ( at least the ones in the YouTube clip) part of a comedy duo. I’m sure that the comment in question was said for pure comedic effect. Check out some of the other clips featuring HG and Roy.

Also, Eric (bless his heart) has the one of the worst swimming forms (techniques) I’ve ever seen. His head is too far out of the water; his legs are sprawling and his body is rolling in the second length. He looks like a HS swimmer to me. God love his athleticism and I admire his spirit, but given the wealth of Equatorial New Guinea, I’d have expected a more polished (and faster) athlete.

The commentary was very funny. I wish more of the Olympics were like this race (I did feel bad for the ones who false started, though).

Unfortunately, the days of the true amatuer Olympic athlete are pretty much gone.
Anyone remember Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards from the 1988 winter Olympics?

I thought Eric was an halibut.

No, that’s why he was competing.