Ernest Borgnine dead at 95

Breaking news on right now.

Cue the “you know how he lived so long” jokes.

Aww. We’ll miss you, Marty.

Poor chap. I remember him in Airwolf - but also The Black Hole, The Poseidon Adventure, Ice Station Zebra, etc. He was the go-to man when you wanted a solid supporting actor for a film that would one day be shown on a Bank Holiday afternoon.

Durn it. And JUST when I figured out what I wanna do tonight…

Ah, well; there’s always another Mickey Spillane novel I could read again.

We should all do it tonight in his memory (I’ve started already).


So long McHale your Pt boat finally sunk.

R.I.P. Ernie

The Borg hive will simply replace him with Ernest Borgten.

So long, Mermaid Man.

Goodbye, Quinten McHale.

The SO and I always say how cool he is, whenever we happen to see him.

Go with God, Cabbie.

RIP Marty

If it makes you feel better, A&P was very recently bankrupt.

I’ve started taking a liking to it. I have the #2 and #3 releases on DVD.

Goodbye to the Mermaid Man (but do NOT call him Merman).

I saw him last year at DragonCon and he seemed super outgoing. He was laughing and talking to a kid while signing a Mermaid Man photo, and he didn’t look a day over 75 if he looked that.

He was active in his career, his final marriage lasted many years (and she was very rich from her cosmetics), and he was popular and really enjoyed himself, so it seemed he had a good last few decades.

I wonder what will happen to that amazing RV he drove and traveled in. That was one deluxe custom ride.

Ernie seemed to really enjoy life. Always laughing, traveling and meeting people. He was one of a kind.

Snake Plissken could never have escaped from New York without him ;_;

I met him once back in the '60s. For whatever reason, he was the doorman for a lecture on Objectivism. We chatted for a while as he greeted people, and I think I’d best describe him as a convivial raconteur.

He’s masturbating in Heaven now.

Trivia item: “McHale’s Navy” was actually spin-off of a one-shot TV-anthology dramedy, “Seven against the Sea,” in which a group of US sailors had to decide between their idyllic life on a desert isle and their duty in the war against Japan. Borgnine played the skipper in both shows.

I’m going to have to watch Bad Day At Black Rock tonight, he was so eeevvvil!

My favorite eeeeevvvil Borgnine is Emperor of the North, where he plays a sadistic, hammer-wielding, hobo-killing train conductor, while legendary hobo A#1 (Lee Marvin) dares to ride his train.