Ernie Kovacs Dutch Master Cigar Commercials Music?

Ernie Kovacs in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s did some hilarious commercials for Dutch Masters Cigars. (“Step up to finer smoking pleasure”).
These television ads would always have the same classical music playing in the background. Does anyone know what it is?

According to the Enie Kovacs Record Collection site

Papermache Prince
Thanks very much. After I saw your answer, I have been trying to find any information or MIDI file but there’s nothing on the 'Net. Perhaps because I heard it so much in Ernie’s Dutch Masters commercials, I keep thinking in terms of its being a “number 1 hit” in classical music. Maybe Ernie Kovacs is responsible for its reborn popularity.

Thanks again.

Haydn’s String Quartet [no. 17] in F major, op. 3, no. 5 ‘Serenade’ (MIDI) It’s about 3/4 down that page. Do a page search for ‘Serenade’.