Error 2 keeps shutting down Netscape, driving me crazy!!! (Mac OS 9, G3 PowerBook)

Recently a problem has developed whenever I go to certain websites. The second the site starts downloading, Netscape completely shuts down and I get an error message blaming “Error 2” and telling me I have to restart everything. It’s very insidious – it started with a website on casualties in Iraq, and spread to the page for a Yahoo mailbox request, and I’m afraid it may spread even more. (These are websites I have successfully downloaded in the past.) And worst of all – now it has spread to my Netscape SENT MAIL FOLDER!!! I can’t look at my old messages for fear of shutting down Netscape. I would love to know what caused this, but I’ll settle for stopping this. Help!

What version of NS are you running?

Gah. According to this page, NS is running outta memory. Try doing what it sez.

I went to the page and tried increasing memory and clearing the cache, but it didn’t work – it still shut down when I tried to access my Sent mailbox. By the way, it’s Communicator 4.08 (1995-1998). Any other good ideas?

You must be mistaken. Apple software never crashes. Steve Jobs told me so :slight_smile:

Switch to Microsoft.

Hmm, type 2 error is an “memory address error.” It’s a pretty vague code, sort of a catch all for certain types of memory problems. It may not have anything to do with lack of memory at all.

Cache clearing didn’t help? Have you tried deleting the History file as well? It’s in System Folder > Preferences > Netscape Users > Yourname Profile folder.

Any chance at upgrading to a newer version of Navigator/Communicator? Does this problem seem to affect other browsers on your system? Tried reinstalling the browser itself?