Error after start, before seleccting FF, Win7 ''zpgtgxkt''

After start or restart I get a rectangular box with message:

[red circle with an x]
The module ''c\ProgramData zpgtgxkt failed to load

Make sure binary is stored in path or debug it

The specified module cannot be found

Old Gateway and Win 7. Not aware of any problems it might be causing.

Please advise.

With that name and location it’s highly likely to be malware. The good news is Windows is telling you it tried to launch the malware but couldn’t find the evil file to execute. Which in turn probably indicates your anti-malware software cleaned up some malware, but not completely.

The strange filename (zpgtgxkt) indicates a program that dynamically creates random names for its executables. The only kind of program that does that is some kind of virus/malware.

“recsys32” is unknown to me. I think perhaps you meant “regsvr32”. In any case, it doesn’'t matter: at startup some malware is trying to load, and failing. That’s good. Well, good that it’s failing.

To get rid of the message, you need to clean out the things that startup automatically. You might like to clean out your startup folder, and using regedit, your run and runonce keys in your user and local machine areas. Or you might like to ask someone to help, or you could follow the instructions in the “How to protect” thread here, or you can just ignore it or…

lots of options.

You could probably find the registry key using hijackthis. No need to root around in the registry.

Thanks. Fixed it in about 45 seconds.