Error issue

This problem only started for me a couple of weeks ago but, with many attempts to read a thread I often get the response:

“Not Found
The requested URL/sdmb/undefined was not found on this server.
Apache/2 Server at Port 80”

In some cases if I retry several times I can eventually get into the thread in the normal fashion. In other cases I can never get in.

I tried searching for other threads or posts but that just got me a “server error”.

Has anyone else experienced this and can it be fixed?

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It sounds more like a connection error ( being a 404 page );
Or, there’s something wrong with their Apache set-up, prolly .htaccess
Or it’s a vBull fault. Here’s the same issue with a later version.
Or, you are in the Miserable Users group ---- a vBull mod to make people’s connections difficult to discourage them. Judging by the frequent freezes and javascript problems encountered here, either I am in there or this site is woefully badly run.

Miserable Users Group - I had to google that.

Just a few thoughts: these are all WAG since more info is required.

Maybe your ISP DNS server (which translates web names to actual IP addresses) is slightly out-of date. Some ISPs are crappy sometimes. Or a really slow connection.
If you are on satellite, good luck with that sometimes.

Possibly your computer is busy downloading updates, running a virus scan, or otherwise busy doing something that it times-out on getting the IP address/web page.
Using Google DNS servers sometimes helps.

I have noticed sometimes when the board is busy, connection times measure in seconds (which a browser refresh handles nicely), I haven’t had a 404 here ever.

Or, just possibly…the SDMB doesn’t exist and this is all a dream. :smiley: