ESPN? Get your head out of your ASS!! (very mild)

I see that you are broadcasting MLB Spring Training games. For that, you have my heart felt thanks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You have committed what is in my view, a cardnial sin. You have interviewed players in the dugout while action is going on on the field!!!

First off, nobody really * cares what these guys have to say. And the stuff that we might care about, you don’t ask. Regardless, we want to see the game*. Only *the game * matters. Really. If these guys couln’t play the game, we would never listen to them at all.

Now, let’s address the questions you actually pre-empt field action for.

J.D. Drew was asked, at length, how it felt to wear a Braves uniforn as opposed to a Cardinals uniform. Jim Edmunds was asked, again, at length, how it felt to take batting practice against his teammate, Woody Williams, and how he did gainst him. Another player, whose name I forget, was asked ABOUT HIS GOLF GAME!!!


I understand that you have to interview these guys at smoe point, so they can say their practiced baseball cliches. But why do it during the game??? Why not do it before the game? After the game??

All we want to see is the GAME!! Why do you torture us so?

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