Essay Mills

Dan Ariely just wrote an interesting blog post on Essay Mills (places where you can purchase a paper written to your specifications for the purposes of not doing your own work).

I can’t find it right now, but a year or two ago I read an anonymous piece by someone who wrote other people’s college assignments for a living, claimed to do quite well at it, and was clearly a talented writer (at least when writing this article). Hopefully someone will remember this article and link to it, since I can’t come up with the right sequence of words to google that don’t just give me sites trying to sell the above service.

Ariely’s findings seem to indicate that it’s hard to find a quality ghost-writer these days, which is heartening. I’m curious if anyone has anecdotal evidence on either side of this?

Have you (or someone you know directly. Let’s keep friend-of-a-friend connections to a minimum) used a service like this? Did you/they get caught? Was it worth it? A one-time weakness, or a continuing enterprise? How do you/they feel about it now

And, since I’m asking you to admit to (potential) dishonesty, I’ll start. I cheated off a friend in high school when writing a short paper. I was caught, came clean, took a zero, and felt bad about it. In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t done it. I am glad that I was caught and learned my lesson before, say, college, where the punishment can be much more severe. I wrote my share of crappy papers in college, but I’m proud that they were my ill-formed thoughts and half-baked theses.

Please do not include any links to or names of people or businesses who provide this service. I don’t want this thread to be a resource for people attempting to be dishonest.

This may be the article you read, Walrus.

Ah, I found it. It was The Shadow Scholar. The one you posted is interesting, too.

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Reported probable spam.

Given that this thread didn’t produce any useful discussion and is probably just fodder for such spam, might as well lock it.