Estimating medical costs?

Per this thread - we’re looking at a relatively busy year, medically speaking (couple of MRIs, couple of sleep studies, some physiotherapy sessions, maybe some surgeries…).

The company that handles the administration of our benefits has a cost estimator where you plug in estimated number of doctor visits, surgeries etc. and it tells you roughly what your out of pocket would be with various plans. It consistently shows that the high-deductible plan with a Health Savings Account saves us multiple thousands of dollars. Which doesn’t make sense from everything I’ve heard about those plans, they’re great if you don’t have a lot of expenses and not so good if you have a lot of medical stuff. Playing around with other numbers, they really don’t make sense (an outpatient surgery retails for 1000 dollars? We paid more out of pocket for the last one of those!).

OK, long story short: Any recommendations on estimating medical costs for various things, hopefully by geographic area?

I’m wondering if perhaps the costs that estimator tool used were for a small town in Brazil or something! (we’re DC Metro and things are 'spensive around here!).