ethernet network, win98 to XP - Possible?

I’m trying to just create a temporary network from a win XP machine to a win 98 machine, to transfer some files across. (The 98 doesn’t have a CD burner :()

Anyway, I go to device manager, and it tells me I don’t have a driver for my Ethernet controller. Obstacle 1. Where can I find such a driver? I haven’t had much internet luck. (Dell Inspiron 5100)

And once I do get it, is it possible to even do this? I know where the network setup wizard is on the XP one, but don’t know how to do it on 98.

1: Are you using a hub and 2 cables or just one crossover cable between the two machines?

RE your driver > here

How Do I Install the Broadcom 440X 10/100 Integrated Network Controller in the Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System on My Dell™ Inspiron™ 5100?

Re the sharing

On the XP

To add a Windows XP computer to your network

WindowsXP Peer-to-Peer

Hmm, why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, I’m an idiot. :frowning: I was trying to search by the manufacturer for it, which I didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t even think of that CD.

But I’m doing it with one ethernet cable, no hub.

Oh, and I forgot. I’m trying to move files from the old 98 machine to the XP one.

After applying the XP CD networking drivers to the 98 machine (XP setup walks you through this) activate your file sharing in the Win 98 via the Control Panel network applet, and make sure the MS TCP-IP driver is installed as network protocol on the 98 machine. Aftet that the two should be able to communicate.

Also make sure you set XP to share all it’s files.

The XP machines are not going to be fully accessible until you enable networking and sharing. At the default level of sharing each machine can access the other’s “shared folder”. To grant each PC full access to each others files and directories first you need to enable networking on the machine, and then (as a separate action) enable sharing of specific drives. The easiest way to do this (enable sharing) is to use Windows Explorer directory tree and right click on the drive you want to share and go to the “Sharing and Security” tab and enable full sharing across the network (if that’s what you want to do).

Make sure that’s a crossover cable. A regular old ethernet cable won’t do the trick.

XP-98 is a nightmare via a crossover cable. I ended up putting Linux onto the 98 box instead when I got fed up of ‘doing everything right’ according to endless howtos, and still getting nothing.

If copying files across is all you need to do, why not take the old hard drive and put it into the XP box?

I’m not much of a Windows Networker (professionally, I’m mostly indifferent to everything above OSI layer 4 and I quite like it that way), but if setting up Windows filesharing is such a royal pain in the rearside, wouldn’t it be easier to just install an FTP server and tackle the problem that way ?

Feh, that probably didn’t make too much sense. What I’m suggesting is downloading and running an FTP server (Cerberus, for instance) on the Win98 box. Windows XP comes with an command-line FTP client. Just a thot…

lol, now that isn’t a choice. 98 box has no internet connection, and no way of getting one (It’s not at my house, it’s at work.) My managers told me I could have a copy of our training program (God, how horrible, I know (It’s so very cheesy, I wish it were freeware)) if I could figure out how to get it from that computer to my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

So, it looks like I need to bring my XP setup disc, which will guide me through that.

And go buy a “crossover cable,” which I’m assuming Best Buy would have? What’s the difference b/w that and a regular one?

Are the files large? For quick and easy file transfers I still use a serial or parallel cable and the freeware program FileMaven. It’s a DOS program that also works under windows, and simply uses those old ports.

Yup, they’re sure to have one. It’s not a bad thing to have on hand, anyway.

A normal Ethernet cable has matching wiring on both RJ-45 connectors (Pin 1 on one end connects to pin 1 on the other end etc.) A cross-over cable have the send and receive wire pairs crossed (wires 1-2, 3-6), connecting the transmission circuitry on one Ethernet card with the reception port on the other and vice versa.

As always, take care to ensure that you don’t have one card in half-duplex and one in full-duplex.

You could also just get a 128 (or 256 or 512 or 1 gig) little USB thumbdrive
(128’s usually go for for 25 - 30. bucks or so) and migrate the files over in batches.

Or these are on sale this week at Circuit City for $ 69.95 after rebate. Handy to have and would solve your problem immediately. - Western Digital 80GB External Hard Drive - USB

Well, not large files, but about 1.2 gigs of smaller ones. I have been meaning to go buy an external hd for a while… I might get around to it when I get paid next. It looks like it’s gonna just be more trouble than it’s worth to get this done with networking… I’ll just wait until I get the HD. Thanks, though.

I’ve experienced problems getting win98 and XP (pro) to talk to each other across a network; specifically, if you have a shared folder resource on the XP machine (with full access permitted), the win98 machine will be able to write to it the first time, but if I try to copy the same (or similarly-named, updated) files to the same share (to overwrite those already there), it all goes horribly wrong; the win98 machine times out and both machines turn very iffy until restarted and the XP machine won’t shut down properly.

I have been completely unable to solve this problem - I can’t find very much info at all on it, but I can’t believe I’m the only one to be experiencing the issue. We have to work around it by deleting the files from the destination before copying the new ones.

I wish I had seen this thread about ohhhh say two days ago. I had to re do our network at work this weekend. It involved putting a new “server”, basically, a desktop which stored all of our files for centeraslized access, as well as installing two new office machines. The server installation was a breeze. It was running 95, and the new machine was XP Home. I thought it would be more difficult. Huh. The machines running 98 should be a snap, or at least I thought. If I knew now…

Two days later, and I couldn’t get a single one to work. Frick.

They all could talk to the server, and get onto the net, but I couldn’t get them to talk to each other in order to transfer all of the nessesary files. I should have tried the FTP idea. Oh well. We’re getting the pros in to fix the problem now. I couldn’t be happier. I will never volunteer to do this again. Oh my no.

Best of luck to the OP though. I think you’ll need it.