Etymology of beeyotch

Beyotch…bee-otch…bayitch…obviously deriver from “bitch”, but who first uttered the variation?


I don’t know who first said it, and I haven’t thought about how it evolved. But thinking off the cuff, I think it may have derived from a variation on a Southern-derived dialect. For example, ‘shit’ is sometimes pronounced ‘shee-it’; possibly by way of intensifying the word. It seems reasonable that ‘bitch’ may be intensified by pronouncing it ‘bee-itch’. By adding emphasis to the second syllable, and perhaps ‘shouting’ it, ‘bee-itch’ becomes ‘bee-ITCH!’, which is a short step from ‘bee-otch!’.

IANA etymologist, and the above explanation was entirely extemporaneous. IOW: a WAG.

Some varieties of spoken English lengthen and then split the vowel:

bitch > beetch > bee-uch. I am thinking of some Midwestern & Southern U.S. dialects, but BEV (Black English Vernacular, undoubtedly called something else by now) probably does the same thing and has a greater influence on slang. Exaggerate for effect and you’ve got yourself a new word.

Compare damn > day-um. I don’t see this often, but (no cite) I recall seeing it in print long before I saw the two-syllable beeyatch spellings.

Beeotch is a variant pronunciation of bitch first used by Oakland rapper Too $hort in the early 80’s.

I first heard it on Buffy.

Sorry that link doesn’t work. I was listening to a little Too Short today and he does indeed say that although I can’t say if it was the first. It was probably the first in mass media.

I have to say that the term was first popularized by Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg, even if he wasn’t the first to coin the expression …Biatch!!