EU cordless phones VS US cordless phones

I’ve done my share of researching the topic, but it’s getting exhausting.

Basically my in-laws live in Poland and they have never owned a cordless phone!
It gets to be a problem when I’m trying to help them with the computer and they are running back and forth from the phone to the computer; that’s just ridiculous- so I’m looking into purchasing one for them.

I am aware of the different frequency standards in Europe for cordless phones vs Amercian standards, but I’m seeing alot of these DECT phones available now on the American market and apparently this is the European standard for cordless phones.

DECT type phones seem to come in either 2.4GHZ or 5.8GHZ over here and so I started to wonder if there was a compatible frequency over here with what’s being used in the EU (I’m thinking it’s the 2.4GHz band).

If there’s anyone in a neighboring country to Poland that could help me out or anyone that’s already been though the research on the subject I’d be ever-so grateful; all this compatibility stuff is giving me a headache :rolleyes:

DECT in America and DECT in Europe are incompatible due to different frequency allocations. You should buy a phone that has been approved by the local regulatory agency for use in that country.