EUDopers: Winter travelling?

Student in London now, planning to take advantage of the winter break to go visit a few cities in Europe with dear Ms Tabby_Mouse. But is this really a good idea?

Plan goes like this: Easy jet to Paris, stay in some B&B place, train (or should I fly) to Venice, then train to Salzburg.

I’m worried about the opening times of stuff in winter, I mean like shops and museums and things like that… and if it’s really such a hot (haha) idea to travel in winter. Being born and raised in Singapore, the idea of seasonal changes is quite alien to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

EUDopers (Or Dopers that have tried this), help?

Europe remains open, even the shops and museums. Go figure!

Except for tubes and bus service on Christmas in London. :rolleyes:

One downside to traveling in Northern Europe in the winter is that it gets dark so early. For example, today in London the sun sets at 16:35

You should definitely stay in the Alps for some days. You can safely put that in between Paris and Venice. You can take the train from Paris to the Swiss Alps (6hrs or so) , stay there for a few days and catch a train to Venice afterwards (again like 6 hrs or so). The Canton of Wallis (guess where I am originally from:) ) lies exactly en route between Paris and Venice.
It is very beautiful there in the Winter. Plus you can see the Matterhorn

Ms Tabby_Mouse here… Seems like pretty positive responses so far. Hurray! I’m gonna run down to the travel agent on monday morning to pay the deposit for my airfare then! :smiley:

Any more suggestions of sights or places of interests that we must not miss out on? :slight_smile:

Some tourist orientated attractions have reduced opening hours in winter. Apart from that though travelling in winter is a good idea - flights tend to be cheaper (except around Christmas and New Year) and you see places without massive hordes of tourists everywhere.

From the beginning of December many German towns have Christmas markets which are well worth seeing . This custom has now spread to other countries , we saw one in Salzburg and I think there is one in Prague. If you get some snow that makes them even more attractive. You cannot beat hot wine and sausage to keep out the cold.