Eureka! I'm heading for the redwoods

So as a last harrah in California, we’re headed up to the redwoods with some friends for the weekend. We’ll be spending Saturday night in Eureka. Are there any good places for dinner or breakfast early on Sunday morning? Any happening nightspots? Any advice on what to see in the redwood area?

Let me know where you go and how it was; I want to make a trip to the redwoods before I leave California next month!

Breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse is a must.

If you have a sizable group, try the Samoa Cookhouse.

There’s also a good cafe in the middle of Eureka but I don’t recall the name.

Been too long for me to give restaurant recomendations, but you must get off the freeway and drive

Avenue of the Giants

or you haven’t been to the redwoods

Just be careful if you go hiking through the woods. Last I knew there were a lot of, er, freelance farmers growing stuff deep in the woods, and they don’t like visitors. :smiley:

If you like seafood, go to Lazio’s at the foot of “C” St.

I envy you.

The redwoods are great, and you can only appreciate them in person. Walking amongst the redwoods is one of the coolest things you can do.

Head up to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park–about 50 miles north. Take Davison Road out to Gold Bluffs Beach. Take the road along the base of the bluffs to the trailhead for Fern Canyon . A short walk takes you into one of the prettiest sights in Northern California.

I was going to suggest that too. I’ve only been once (dad landed a rented C-177RG there), but I’ve always remembered it.

Lost Coast Brewery is yum and fun. Typical brewhouse fare, but we enjoyed ourselves and it felt like home. We’ve been waiting to transfer to Eureka for almost two years now. Sigh. They have an adorable zoo as well, it’s worth checking out.