EuroDopers. voltage question.

Howdy. I have this friend (honest, it isn’t me) who is planning a visit to France and wants to take his laptop. He has a “766 Megadoodle Compaq”, as he calls it, which runs beautifully on our American 110 V 60 Hz circuitry. What changes/adaptors does he need to use this lap top in France so as to instantly inform me of his escapades? What is the voltage/frequency and other concerns?

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My UK laptop computer has run smoothly all over the world with an adaptor, which converts the UK three rectangular-pin plug into any combination of two (or three) round-pin plug.

I must apologise for not knowing the French plug shape (or the voltage), but we haven’t colonised the mainland* yet.

*only joking!!


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Ask a large retailer of computers for a European power adapter set. They should sell you the right equipment. Don’t go into a _-Mart store and ask for an adapter set.

Where as many other countries run at a different fequency, the power transformer will usually run a little hotter, due to being designed for a certain ferquency. Go to a reliable computer store, and ask them what to get.

Two separate issues:

The mechanical aspect: He will need an adapter because the shapes of the plugs are different. This is no big deal. You can get them anywhere for very little

The eslectrical aspect. Europe uses 220V. He needs to check if his adaptor is of the newer type which will automatically accept anywhere from 100 to 240 volts. It should say it right on it. If this is the case he does not need to do anything. If the adapter is the older type which is only for 110 then he will need a small transformer. He can get this and the plug adapter at any radiop shack.

A useful site for travellers:

Thanks, sailor, I’ll send him the site and tell him to go to some reputable (Best Buy?) store for adapters.