EuroDopers: Which American TV shows do you get?

…Not just which ones you watch, but anything that’s available where you live.

And what do they teach you about life in the U.S.? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering because the movie Love Actually, which takes place in England, refers to someone taping The West Wing.

I’m an American living in Paris and on bed rest so I can give you a rundown on dubbed network TV shows here.

We have quality American programming like “TJ Hooker”, “Hunter”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Hart to Hart”, “Spin City”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Viper”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Love, Glamour and Beauty”, “Raven”, “Friends”, “Fantasy Island”, “Love Boat”, “Seinfeld”, “Simpsons”, “Columbo”,“Law and Order”, “Days of Our Lives”, “All My Children”, etc.

I asked my French husband what he thinks America or Americans are like after watching these kinds of shows for his whole life. He thinks they strongly showcase the typical American stereotype and are quite “Disneyfied”, i.e. the people in California and New York are rich and beautiful and solve their problems in one episode; the cops are good, the bad guys evil and the good always win; guns and crime are rampant, on and on. He said the thing that bugs him the most is that no one EVER locks the house or car on American shows.

CSI, CSI Miami, West Wing, That new courtroom thingy with the guy off west wing, Two and a Half Men, Oliver Bean, Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, Cheers, Roseanne, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, Newsradio, Duckman, Las Vegas, Becker, Ink, Cheers, Spin City, Dawson’s creek (bastards), The OC, Simpsons, ER, Third Watch, Scrubs, Six Feet Under,

That’s off the top of my head, probably not even half the correct list. We basically get anything that’s good.
P.S. Theres a new british comedy The Smoking Room, I hope you guys get that because I think you’ll like it.

You’d also like ‘Little Britain’ though it’s rather risque for many of you.