European Colonies Question

In the military forces of many of the Third World nations that were once colonies of the European colonial powers, are there still any Caucasians (i.e. white people) serving in the armed forces (as officers or enlisted) of these nations?

Many Caucasians are citizens of former european colonies (When I say many I don’t mean a majority of the population - just more than a few) and some of them have joined various armed forces in Africa and India, ect. They’re not as common as, say, black soldiers in the US, but they’re there.

The most obvious example is probably South Africa, where white people make up a very significant minority. And since they’re the most wealthy and educated there are many white officers in the South African military.

There are also significant white populations in the former French and Belgian colonies in Africa, but not as significant as SA.

Does anyone know if the current regime in Zimbabwe allows white soldiers?

AFAIK there is no specific prohibition on white people in the Zimbabwean army. Whether or not a European would want to join the Zimbabwean army is a different question.

My mother grew up in Zimbabwe, and worked as a doctor in Harare during the 1970s. She treated several Selous Scouts and some of their victims, from what I gather, it it not a time of her life she wishes to dwell on.

After 1980, some of the former guerillas became members of the new Zimbabwean armed forces- I would imagine it would be rather difficult for people who had fought against ZANLA and ZIPRA to then serve under former ZANLA and ZIPRA commanders and vice versa.