European Job Application "CY X"

I am in the process of applying for a job with a company based in Belgium. They have asked that I complete a “Personal Profile”, which is very similar to what I would call a job application.

Now, I know what a CV is - I can handle that one.

But this Personal Profile references “CY X” in a few different ways, and I can’t seem to figure out what it is referencing.

The document has a heading “Personal Profile in CY X”. The second piece of information requested, after Name, is “Company(CY X)”. Further down are two sections to list Work History. The first one is titled “Work History - CY X (list most recent position first)”, and the second section is titled “Work History - pre-CY X (list most recent position first)”.

So, my question is, what is meant by “CY X”?

From the context, it appears it might mean “current employer”, but I’m not sure. And Google wasn’t any help.

Second, bonus question: When googling, I ran across a guide for American’s applying for jobs in France, and guide specifically stated not to include the phrase “References available upon request” on your CV. Well, too late, my resume included that exact phrase. Have I already faux pas’d?

I can’t help you with “CY X” (Company X?) but if you need other information about living in Belgium, I might be of a little help. I just got back from working in Leuven (30 km east of Brussels) for three months. Contact me by email if you have questions about the place.

Actually, I hadn’t even associated that “CY” might be an abbreviation for Company (here in the states “Co” is more common). Was that a WAG, by chance, or is there a convention for abbreviating Company “CY” in French (or Flemish, or even English for that matter…)?

Pretty much a WAG… Sorry.

Calendar Year”?