Euthanasiast has been suspended

Euthanasiast has been suspended for a week for posts 62 and 66 in this thread:

… which violated this rule:

“By subscribing to the Straight Dope Message Board you agree to abide by the rules above and to submit to their interpretation and enforcement by our moderators and editors.”

Since this occurred in the Pit, some explanation is in order:

  1. We allow more latitude in the Pit regarding our rules than in other forums. However, that doesn’t mean there are no rules at all, or that you can say anything you want. While it’s OK to start a thread pitting a staffer for an action with which you disagree, it’s not and never has been our rule that you can defy a mod or admin who has formally told you to refrain from some behavior.

  2. In the thread in question, Lynn Bodoni accused Euthanasiast of trolling, which is a violation of our rules, and told him to stop it. She prefaced her remarks with “<mod mode>,” indicating she was speaking in an official capacity. Euthanasiast replied as you see. When Giraffe posted in support of Lynn, Euthanasiast quoted the comment but substituted an insulting username, yet another violation of our rules.

  3. Euthanasiast evidently thinks he wasn’t trolling. This is no excuse. If a cop gives you a ticket you think you don’t deserve, you don’t defy the cop, you tell it to the judge. Likewise, if you feel have been unfairly accused, you can (a) post in ATMB requesting that the rule be clarified; (b) open a separate Pit thread pitting the mod or admin; or © e-mail me or someone else on the staff. If instead you openly defy the mod or admin in the thread where the alleged violation occurred, you face revocation of your posting privileges.

Since some may have been unclear on the above, we’re making Euthanasiast’s suspension brief.

What is “banned” under his name, then? Or is “suspended” not used?

Something went awry. It’s OK now.