euthanizing a hamster

My daughter has a 3 year old roborovski hamster that has some sort of skin infection/growth/something that does not look good. The hamster otherwise looks fine. He is eating, active, and no watery eyes, etc.

But it appears the hamster is going to need to be euthanized at some point. I don’t want him to suffer. I called the vet and they want $120 to euthanize him.

Are there legitimate ways to euthanize a hamster at home?

I’d find a can that he fits into and punch holes in the other end and fit it to the exhaust pipe of your car and exhaust him.

I have a feeling that would cook him before it would suffocate him.

I considered a similar tactic, but I’ve recently read the CO emissions from cars is pretty damn low and that there is so much other crap in there that it wouldn’t be a humane method.

Wow, 3 is pretty old for a hamster. If there is any way to swing the $120, go with the vet.

Having said that, I’ve had dozens of hamsters in my life, and in my experience hamsters do not drag on for long when they’re sick. I don’t think he’ll suffer for long when the times comes. Poor little guy.

Cervical dislocation

You can make CO2 by mixing vinegar and baking soda. If you put him in a small airtight container along with a cup containing 1 cup of vinegar, and add a couple spoonfuls of baking soda, it should first render him unconscious and then suffocate him. I had a pet rat with a broken back once. I couldn’t afford the $180 the vet school wanted to euthanize him so was looking for humane ways to do it myself. He died before I actually got up the courage to try this though.

I agree a broken neck would be humane, I just don’t think I’d trust myself to be able to do it.

I’m leaning towards the baking soda/vinegar method. It looks pretty easy. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

I think there’s been a mistake made, Co2 will result in a painful and panicky death by suffocation! You would need CO or nitrogen for that method to be humane. I would set a large rat trap in his cage. It should have a pretty low chance of failure and is hands off.

Put the garden hose in between, to reduce the temperature of the fumes to ambient. There should be enough CO to render a small box lethal, just let it run long enough. At least, you know the hamster will not suffer nor suspect that it is distress. Do you know any friends with a 20-year old car?

This might work actually. Take a 20oz plastic coke bottle, cut the top half off and insert hamster. Duct tape bottle back together. Tape garden hose to bottle opening. Insert other end of hose into the tail pipe. I would drill a few holes in the back end of the bottle to ensure the exhaust is flowing freely all around him.

If you’ve got the stomach for it, a swift blow to the head with a hammer or heavy rock should work. Plan on a closed-casket funeral.

Have a sharp axe? Meat cleaver?

Get a length of pipe and a brick - place end of upright pipe over critter, drop brick. Having a round plug on the end of the brick guarantees a full-body crush.

enclose in mesh cage (or tied-off sock) under the wheel of a car - preferably a few feet away so you are at speed. Instant squish. A large, opaque sock would probably be best. Have hole pre-dug or toss in trash if no access to ground.

Do you have a gun? Even a .22 will be quite sufficient.

FWIW suicide bags designed for humans indeed use nitrogen, or helium. CO2 burns.

Apparently helium’s getting pretty rare, but I figure a small can of party balloon inflater should do the trick and be easy enough to procure at any party store or on the Interwebs. Basically, look up “suicide bag” on Google and apply, except instead of fitting your head inside you chuck the whole hamster in.

Failing that get a sharp meat cleaver. Decapitation’s quick and humane, that’s why we invented the guillotine. I wouldn’t use an axe as it’s too heavy and imprecise and you might hit the skull or spine and make a squealing mess. Wait till the kids are out, in any event :o.

Last option, find a kind neighbour equipped with a cat. Pros : disposal of the body is built-in. Cons : cats are cruel little bastards.

Can you get Ether from a pharmacy, without a prescription?

Butane (i.e. a pressure can for refilling lighters) can be used as a humane asphyxiant - it’s also heavier than air, so will pool in the bottom of a deep container and displace the air out of the top.

Im pretty sure you can get it at an auto parts store, where it is called starter fluid.

I have heard of people putting them in the freezer. It’s supposed to be a painless death.

Have you contacted your local animal shelter? They may euthanize the hamster for free, or for a lesser charge.

Sorry you are facing this.

Remember that ether and butane are very flammable. People making butane honey oil have found this out the hard way a few times.