Eve, I know you're there...come out!

Work hard, and come to us as soon as you can. We’ll be posting on Uncle Avram’s Message Board in Chicago, America. And don’t forget the baby.

Go on, Adam up! That’s the whole first family! Just when I was starting to Nod off.

Tossing general good wishes to Eve. Even if she did eviscerate me on our first meeting.

Bravo, Little Nemo. :smiley:

There are no good movies made before 1970.

I know it’s not true. Hell, Gone With the Wind is one of my favorites. But…I have to do something to get her back!

I for one am not buying this excuse…until I realize how little I get done when I’m on the Dope. But not a day goes by that I don’t wonder about how Eve’s doing and when she’ll come back…maybe even just one day a week? A month?

Thelma Ritter was a whiny hack.

I’ve never been one to slobber all over anyone on this board the way some people do, but I have to admit that I miss her. It was a quiet adoration I had for the way she knew just exactly what to say and it often was very funny. There. I said it.

I do take some comfort in knowing she’s lurking. I’m hoping she’ll come blazing back, head thrown high, skirts trailing, with a whole laundry list of things take us to task with.

And buried in an unmarked grave in a secret location. That ought to do it.

I don’t know why she’s so busy. Her latest book is out. She should be kicking back waiting for the royality checks to roll in. Plenty of spare time to surf the Dope and post witty bon mots. :cool:

I’m one of those who really, really misses Eve. We didn’t have that many interactions, but I remember her all the way back from when she was Flora McFlimsy.

Long, long ago, there was a fad in MPSIMS where you started a thread on someone else’s behalf and ended up making them do a lot of work (but it was fun). I tagged Swimming Riddles with telling everyone what they were patron saint of. She got me back by demanding that I tell everyone what kind of movie they were.

Eve posted early on, and she was the easiest one to do - film noire with sly, devious femme fatale. In her response, she straightened her stockings, put on some more lipstick, and blew a kiss at me. :slight_smile: sigh

Hope you’re doing well, Eve. We miss you. Come back when you have the chance.