Eve, I know you're there...come out!

I just searched under Eve’s name to send her a PM and there was a green light next to her user name! She’s here, but hiding!

Come on out…we miss you!

Ditto that. Eve, it hasn’t been the same without you. It’s like losing Anita Loos and Robert Osborne at the same time.

But I’M here. That makes up for any other lack, right?


Oh…SNOT! Eve?

I third the motion for Eve to return.

Do you like chocolate cake? If I can figure a way to push it through this little slot here… :smiley:

If she returns tomorrow would that make today Eve eve?

When come back, bring haughty.

I still see a green light next to her name…

Do you need some Ben & Jerry’s? A brand-new lorgnette? Small screaming children to kick into the street?

Does the green light mean you’re actively on the boards, or just that you’re still logged in? Because I never log out. Though it would be nice if **Eve ** were here…

Eve, I just want to add a voice to say that I’d love to be able to welcome you back, if you choose to start posting again.

You are missed. I hope you’re well. (And not seeing the pirate too often.)

Come to think of it…have Eve and Mr. O ever been seen in public at the same time? :dubious:

Yes, I know they’re somewhat different in size. But she could be hiding inside his suit jacket, feeding him cues.

I believe it does turn off after about 30 minutes of idleness.

Weneed to start a thread that would be irresistable to Eve.
Does anyone know that old movie star that died recently?

Best method to murder a Scooby Doo inflatable yard ornament?

Pwincess Pwecious has died, let’s dance on her gwave.

Heard from Eve. I don’t usually allow posting by proxy but since Eve is not coming back any time soon this one time I feel it’s appropriate.

She says “Please do give my best to the Dopers. You can post in that thread “where’s Eve?” yourself if you like; I don’t mind people talking about me.”

She’s got her hands full with other stuff right now. Let’s respect her privacy and allow her peace and quiet.

Okay, it’s time for some hardball.

Until Eve returns, one person from the Home For Aged Actors will be executed every noon. And we’ll go in descending order by age.

And a “Joan Crawford: what a vicious childbeating bitch! Was she worse than Hitler?” thread will be started.

Fair enough. Thanks for letting us know she’s well, TubaDiva.

Eve ain’t got a board of her own, just a little piece of a big board, the one big board that belongs to everybody, so it don’t matter. Eve’ll be all around on the board - she’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look - wherever there’s a thread about classic films, so ignorant people can learn, she’ll be there. Wherever there’s some poster making fun of what’s in their neighbour’s lawns, she’ll be there. She’ll be in the way guys ridicule trolls when they’re posting in the pit. She’ll be in the way newbies laugh when they’re read about Halfsie the two legged dog, and when authors are pluggin’ the books they wrote - she’ll be there, too.

I hope it’s good stuff and not bad stuff. Isn’t her mother ailing?

We miss you, Eve. Come back when you’re able.


…or someone’s gonna raise Cain? :smiley: