Evelyn Evelyn. (Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley)

Went to the show in Amsterdam yesterday and I thought it was wonderful. Funny, touching, sometimes hysterically over the top, with a nice “music theater” feel to it all, and the songs (in all kinds of styles) really stick in your head. Overall I think it’s the best performance I’ve seen in a while.

Also, the guy doing the “warming up” and narration was quite interesting with his use of crappy instruments and pitch shifters & loops.

Not really much to say, but I thought other people here might have seen the show or be interested in it.

Music video of “Elephant Elephant”.

I was going through the list of upcoming shows for my area last night and found this artist. I got their album and the first song, “Evelyn Evelyn” is so haunting and beautiful. Like a mix between Tom Waits’ Ten Penny Opera style and Belle and Sebastian.

I haven’t listened to the rest of the album as I kept replaying that first track. I’m glad to hear that they put on a good show, I’ll have to check it out now.

If you like the first song and have a sense of humor, I’d recommend you go watch the show. Also; Jason Webley is definitely channeling Tom Waits some times. Funny guy with a great voice. Saw him a year or so ago; anyone who can bring down the house using just an accordion and a pair of stomping feet is pretty damn talented.

Saw him when he was touring with the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Great guy.

I saw him when he would busk in Red Square at the University of Washington and I was like “Who is this guy?” Later on some housemates were describing this guy Jason Webley and suddenly I realize “Ohhh… they’re talking about the Tom Waits Accordion Guy!” So to me he’s always been this odd busker who I’d hear in passing as I went to class.

ETA: This was around 2000-2001 probably.

That’s not surprising, since Evelyn (the, uh, one on the left) is Amanda Palmer, from The Dresden Dolls.
Useless trivia: Amanda is engaged to Neil Gaiman.