Even Fox News can't be this stupid- right?

As first seen on www.fark.com.

Here is the NPR link:

Listening to it now.

Yep, he said it.

Man, I should be surprised— but I am not. The interview intself is pretty good.



Simpsons 1
Pravda 0

Tip for Faux News execs: If you want to continue being taken seriously, don’t piss off one of the greatest groups of comedy writers ever assembled.

Fox News viewers must be idiots. Either that or Fox News perceives its viewers to be idiots. This is the second time they’ve used the ‘it might confuse the viewers’ line.

Old newspaperman’s saying: “It is never wise to annoy a cartoonist.”

Maybe Matt G. was joking. You know “Fox News is so sue happy I heard that they were gonna sue themselves. Ha ha.”

It’s gotta be that.

Here is the “news crawler” that ran during the Simpsons episode:

I listened to the interview myself to be sure- he was dead serious (well as serious as he gets). After the Al Franken thing (which happened after the Simpson’s “Fox” episode) this sounds about right- I guess Fox News is that stupid. After what Fox did to Futurama I guess Matt didn’t mind pointing it out.

:::Shakes head:::::

For all X, yes, X can be that stupid.

I love this line from the Fark link:

(emphasis mine)

So…they really do think their viewers have the brains of a limpet, huh?

Oh, come on now. Maybe Fox News was only thinking of it’s viewrs in Palm Beach, florida.

The Onion is scooped by reality yet again.

OK, so what did Fox to Futurama?

Ale, living on a thermo…

Clearly Fox news and Groening together have whooshed you all. Fox News has shown how cool and with it they are with a brilliant piece of self-parody, that of course all you uptight lefties don’t understand because of your embittered ways.
Hey, don’t look at me it’s the best I could come with.

I opened this thread only to say,

Yes, they can.

But now I must add that, from my personal experience of those who watch Fox News (as news), they might be right.

That is hilarious. I’m sorry I missed that episode.

Moved it’s time around and prempted it so much that people stopped watching, then canceled to due to the poor ratings that ensued. AFAIK it’s an open secret that they did it in retaliation to Groening insisting on too much creative control or something.

Umm, not to be cynical, but could this just be cheap advertising for the Simpson’s?

why would the Simpsons need any additional advertising?