Even worse than I imagined [Snakes on a Plane]

I saw Snakes on a Plane on Showtime last night. And it was every bit as bad and more than I had heard :eek:

I don’t know why, but I flicked past it about 20 mins or so in, which was just as the Snakes were about to attack, and for some reason just had to watch the whole thing. I put it down to the car crash effect - you don’t want to watch, but something compels you to. Maybe I just wanted to see how bad it could get.

What I want to know is how the hell an actor (Samuel L Jackson) who has gained a lot of hollywood cred in the last few years agreed to be in this movie :confused: Did they threaten his family or something? [You will be in this movie Sam, or your family are dead!] :stuck_out_tongue:

Ronny Yu, whom Jackson worked with in the movie, The 51st State, was originally signed to direct Snakes. Jackson, after reading about the project in the Hollywood trade papers, talked to Yu, agreed to sign on without reading the script based on the director, storyline and allegedly the title. At one point, the film’s working title was altered to Pacific Air Flight 121. In August 2005, Jackson told an interviewer, “We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.”

Of course, the only reason most people watched it was to hear Jackson utter the baddest line of the summer:


I think of Snakes on a Plane as almost performance art. It was a FANTASTIC thing to see in a crowded theater on opening night when everyone was there knowing it was going to be a shlock fest, and was excited about it. I don’t think that experience can ever be recaptured, but I am glad I went to see it when I did.

The music video after the movie was just icing on the insanity cake.

A fun moment in time, but a terrible movie.

If you keep watching shitty movies, they’re going to keep making them.

I too saw it last night, about half an hour in, and could only stomach it for about 30 mins. I thought I was watching Epic Movie, because it was really horribly that baaaaaaaad. I didn’t even get to the bit (no pun intended!) about what was setting these little rubber buddies off.

And little did I know, that hearing that line (albeit bleeped) on the Daily Show spoiled pretty much the whole film for me. There was nothing else really worth listening to or watching throughout.

Doesn’t Samuel L. Jackson create shlock movies most of the times?
I mean XxX, S.W.A.T., Shaft, the 51st State?
I wouldn’t exactly call those master piece theater.
I think Mr. Jackson is one of those actors who mostly decides with his pocketbook or because he likes working with certain people.
I actually think he is a pretty mediocre actor.

What exactly is ‘Snakes on a Plane’ about? :confused:

105 minutes.

“Snakes on a Plane” wasn’t meant to be seen on video at home - not without a lot of friends, anyway. The movie is designed to be enhanced by audience participation. In a crowded theatre at 10 PM, it’s about as fun as a movie can be; it was probably the most pure fun I’ve ever had in a cinema. The audience was into it, catcalling the credits, making jokes (and a lot of the jokes were excellent) and cheering Sam. When Jackson appeared on the screen for the first time the audience cheered as if watching the home team win the Stanley Cup. I

would never watch it at home, though, because there’s no reason to; it’d be like going to a zoo and not looking at any of the animals. Watching Snakes on a Plane without a raucous audience is entirely missing the point.

I thought it was one of the best movies of the year - watched in the proper context.

I never thought the film was anything other than a parody film.

I was personally pleased with the high body count, gratitutous nudity, and nice set of stock characters with a few twists thrown in to boot. The landing of the plane was fun as hell too.

I love it how many “experts” thought Snakes was going to be huge at the box office because of the “internet buzz” about it- they missed that there’s a big difference between talking about the audacity of the idea behind a movie and actually plunking down 10 bucks to see it.

And Formula 51 (ake the 51st State) is probably the stupidest thing ever- paying someone millions for just the formula to a drug, without testing it out first? Hundreds of drug taking club goers going intoa frenzy over a placebo? Whatever.

I thought it was a charming, if corny, movie.

I completely agree. I just can’t fathom why anyone thought they were supposed to take the movie seriously. It’s called SNAKES ON A PLANE and for some reason people were expecting a hard as nails actioner… What’s wrong people! You were supposed to laugh and cringe at a snake biting a guys junk or an asshole guy tossing a poddle at the giant boa.

I cringed more at the snake biting her nipple. Yeesh. But I did like the poodle bit and laughed my fool ass off.