Ever been hit by a car you expected to stop?

Have you ever maneuvered your car in a way such that to get into the space you want to occupy, you have to rely on the other driver (who is also about to enter that same space) to hit his brakes and let you in? But instead of stopping, he actually hits you out of road rage (or poor reflexes)?

I know that’s awkward phrasing but basically I’m mostly talking about lane changes or merges where you stick the nose of your car in front of another moving vehicle and hope the guy stops.

Me – very untrusting of other drivers, I usually find myself on the other end of this maneuver, and invariably let the guy in. On the flipside, I generally only get into a space if there’s plenty of room and it doesn’t require much cooperation from anyone else.

To be honest, sometimes this makes me feel a bit emasculated as I find myself constantly bullied by other drivers who make these obnoxious moves and assume I will stop (and as I said, I always do). I think one day when I’m really old and I don’t give a crap anymore, I will just keep going and knock off the guy’s bumper. When the cops arrive I’ll just say that he tried to merge in too late and my old person’s reflexes weren’t quick enough to stop in time.

Anyway, have you ever been on the receiving (or giving) end of such an incident?

I like when they wave at you, all jolly, like “Hey neighbor!”

Like you had a choice. If you’re gonna be a jerk and just shove your car in front of mine, don’t add insult to injury by WAVING at me.

FTR, I’ve never hit anyone who’s done this, except in road-rage fantasies.

And I don’t do it myself, because I’ll get the one driver who doesn’t stop.

What? Are you kidding me? You don’t want to let people merge in front of you in slow moving traffic, where they have to slowly nose in? You’re holding traffic up if you do that! And it’s kind of rude, tbh.

As for the OP, if you are nosing in and the driver hits you, would that not be his fault?