Ever been the victim of student retaliation?

Have you, as a teacher/substitute teacher/etc ever been the victim of student retaliation? Such as a situation in which you punished a student for something, and they retaliated back at you, either by threats, actual force, or some other way (vandalism)? How did it pan out?

I am curious about how big of a problem this is in general. Lately I have been assigned to substitute special ed classes, but generally these ‘special ed’ classes consist of classrooms of students kicked out of other classes for behavioral issues. Many of them behave with little concern about the consequences, which makes me concerned they may be more apt to violence.

The only time a student tried anything like that with me, he got a quick education in what “scorched earth” meant. He ended up in Adult Ed. so fast, I still don’t think he knows what happened, and it’s been over 10 years since then.

It helps that I have a solid reputation at my school and have been there for 20 years. I also have a tendency, well-documented and spoken of, of using nukes whenever needed. As I put it one time: “Discipline problems? I don’t have discipline problems.” If they bug me, they are gone. Period.

This, of course, helps you not at all, I realize. But in general I haven’t seen student retaliation as much of a problem.

As a sub, I had a student threaten me for the second time. I don’t think he actually meant it, because he backpedalled like crazy when I told him I was reporting it. But he disappeared. Gooooooodbye.

When I was an RA, I wrote a resident up for leaving the microwave unattended while in use. Normally, RA’s would would have just given written/verbal warnings for that as a first offense, but the week before, we had someone leave their microwave popcorn unattended without realizing that they had pushed an extra zero when entering the time. The result was the popcorn being microwaved for thirty minutes instead of three while the resident was talking on the phone. When the microwave started smoking, the entire 900 resident building was evacuated. Needless to say, RAs were told to be more strict about this offense.

The resident ended up only getting three weeks of probation. Because the resident was not in any clubs or organizations that had rules about probation, this ended up being nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Despite that, everytime I saw said resident on campus for a couple of weeks, the resident would verbally threaten to harm me. I ended up telling the resident that if hir behavior did not stop, I would write hir up for verbal harrasment and report hir to the campus police. The behavior stopped immediately.