Ever Been To "The Safe House" Nightclub....

… in Milwaukee?

It was featured on Secret Passages today on the History Channel, and I found it intriguing.

If any of y’all have ever been, can you give me a capsule review and an idea of what I might expect to spend? Sounds like a great weekend getaway. (Pun intended:D)


Is that still there? I went in college years ago.

It is the kind of place that is fun to go to once, but you need someone who has been there before to take you because it is completely unmarked with any signage of any king. It’s just a nondescript door in a brick wall. Inside it is kind of flashy, with things to look at on every wall. The bathrooms I remember to be dangerous places.

As I said, it is the kind of place everyone should see once, it is fun. But I doubt that it’s the kind of bar that has “regulars” who show up every weekend, unless they are easily amused.

I saw it more as a restaurant than a nightclub.

If you don’t know the password, you have to do something embarassing the staff comes up with and when you get to enter, you find that it was on camera for the patrons to watch.

The food is reasonable priced and palatable.

I’ve been there once a few years back. I’ll never forgive my family after finding out they all knew the password and no one bothered to tell me.

Three years ago there was some construction across the street, so I wouldn’t recognize the alley again. I know it’s close to the Hilton downtown so I’m sure a brief conversation with the concierge would lead to it.

The Safe House has a very patriotic theme; there is a room filled with tributes to Wisconsin’s Medal of Honor winners, and the theme drink you buy for your boss is the “Hail to the Chief”, complete with theme music and an American flag that drops down from behind the bar.

The bar is a gag that most locals have long since tired of, but as an infrequent visitor I find it a hoot.

Make sure you say hi to Moneypenny at the door from her old flame Kakkerlak.

Big fun. Great place. Highly recommend it.

Lots of fun. The prices were reasonable and the drinks were great. Definitely worth checking out.

Can someone elaborate on what the theme is and what’s with the secret passcode and where do you get it and soforth?

The theme is mostly mystery and intrigue. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out.


You get the passcode by asking the bartender. Getting in without it? That’s part of the fun.

It used to be a very popular place with GenCon attendees. I wonder what will be the “new Safehouse” in Indianapolis.

Thanks. It looks like a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll take a friend there for her birthday.

You’re welcome. I highly recommend it. I took my cousin from Florida there, and five years later she’s still talking about it.

Great for visitors, it’s really novel and gimmicky but it gets old quick if you’re a local. Haven’t been there since '97. Here’s what I remember.

The passcode is I’m looking for a safehouse.

But even if you do know it, Ms. Moneypenny may or may not have you do silly antics for the the closed-circuit television audience inside.

A bookshelf wall rolls away and you’re in.

Within you’ll find several individual bars. One of them has a magician who has been there forever.

It’s not huge square footage wise, but it’s got a labyrinthine layout.

There is a comedy stage in one room.

It has a pneumatic tube that snakes throughout the place.(I forgot what gets sent through).

A novel thing is a secret escape exit by dialing a number in a phone booth they have there (don’t remember what number you have to dial).