Ever catch someone in the act of doin something embarrassing?

My mom told me this story tonight. A long time ago, she walked upstairs just to go to her bedroom. As she passed by the restroom, which is in the hall on the way to her room, she looked in and saw my dad boxing at himself in the mirror. You know, really goin at it like he was tryin to intimidate another boxer before a fight.

Anywho, have you ever caught someone doing something when they thought no one was looking? Please spare the “walked in when they were havin sex” stories…unless they’re really interesting.

Hey! What’s wrong with mirror boxing?

biff biff Take that bitch! biff biff

Nothin’s wrong with that at all. In fact, I must admit I have boxed at myself in the mirror before. Must be some inherent trait.

I walked in on one of my guy friends masturbating-it was at a party,he didn’t lock the bathroom door, I was very drunk and had to go…took a few days b4 I could even look him in the face again.

How about being the only one in the room who objects when the company you work for tries to sell a process to one of their major clients (one of the industry powerhouses) for $60,000?

Nevermind that this process is one that the client has already done work on without realizing the value of it. Disregard the importance of collaborating with one of the computing giants on a new method for producing a critical product more efficiently (as I suggested to them). Overlook the opportunity to get a solid toe-hold with a potential seven digit per year customer account.

Revenge is sweet however. At a conference/trade show on of the salesmen accidentally mentioned the exact method (FTR, Radio Frequency Biased Direct Current Reactive Gas Sputter Deposition of Aluminum Oxide [from an elemental target]) otherwise known as DC Biased Reactive RF Sputter Dep of Al[sub]2[/sub]O[sup]3[/sup] from pure aluminum. The method was twice to four times more effecient at depositing this disk head material used in every hard disk drive on earth.

Oh well, at least I thought it was embarassing for them. Even if they didn’t think so.

um…hey Zenster…what did you just say up there?

Once I walked in on my BF-at-the-time playing air guitar naked & looking at himself in the mirror. That was too weird for words.

Also, my current BF & I used to have a roommate…we once came home unexpectedly & caught him running into the bathroom, the porno tape that he had been watching still running in the VCR.

But over the years, I’ve causght numerous co-workers out with people that their wives/husbands/SO’s almost certainly did not know about (and would not have been happy to find out).

In situations like this, there’s always a tacit “I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”:smiley:

One day a few weeks ago, my hubby was in the shower and I decided to surprise him by waiting for him in bed. He came out of the bathroom picking his nose. I laughed so hard I got out of the mood (as if the pick wouldn’t do that for me). He tried the old Seinfeld “It wasn’t a pick”, but I knew better.

Back when almost-Mr. Athena and I didn’t live together, I decided to surprise him one night by stopping over after a friend and I had gone out for a drink at a place close to his apartment. I knocked at the door, and he let me in. He was acting really weird, though, and literally within about 10 minutes of me coming over he was practically ushering me out, drove me to where my car was parked (he didn’t want me to walk at night) and I was on my way home going “What the %#$!#@ is going on?”

He called me the next day feeling very contrite, and explained that he had been watching a porno video, and was too embarrassed to tell me. He felt even stupider since we had talked about this a lot - his ex had been very intimidated by pornography, to the point that she accused him of being a “sex addict” because (among other things) he admitted that he liked porn - and he knew that I had no problem with it. Hell, I would have probably wanted to watch it with him had I known he had it!

This doesn’t exactly fit the OP, but it’s close enough, and all the names and locations have been changed.

I once worked at a company that allowed the employees to sign out their PC’s for home use. Frank just had a high end video capture card installed on his, so he signed it out to take home with him while he was on vacation so that he could learn how to use it. Well, Frank wasn’t very PC literate and was having problems getting it to work right, so he had me come over one night to work through it with him.

I was quite impressed. He had managed to connect both VCR’s he was dubbing to and from correctly and when I arrived in the room, he had a video playing of a rafting trip he had taken the year before (to be used as a test video).

I walked him through how to capture the video and audio and how to make edits and so on. The video was playing all this time and had hit the end of the tape. I rewound it to the beginning so that we could continue to do testing. When I pressed Play… there on the screen was a buck naked Frank playing with himself. Yes, he had used a partially overdubbed tape of some amature porn he had taken a few years back. His face must have turned about 5 shades of red.

In the end I told him it was no big deal and that I would keep it to myself, but he must have apologized at least 7 or 8 times that afternoon. I still bust a gut laughing when I think about it.