Ever have a car/motorcycle you wish you had back?

Red. I bought it with a horrible aftermarket fairing also. That was the first thing to come off. The second was the stupid 1" Harley grips some knuckle-head installed. Thankfully, It only has about 5k miles on it. Fun bike, but I don’t ride it very much.

I think they only came in red or blue.

Ah, no. There was a Metallic Grey also. Pretty color, that!

1976 Fiat 124 Spyder. Much like this one. Got it for $900, was in pretty decent shape. Was fairly reliable but I wanted something with more power so I got a Mustang GT. But a lightweight Italian 4-cylinder with a ragtop is it’s own kind of fun.

3 cars come to mind. My first car was a 62 Pontiac Catalina convertible, I was in great shape except for an electrical short that would kill the battery. Every time I went somewhere is was open the hood, hook up the battery and when I got where I was going, I had to disconnect the battery. It was bright red with a red interior. Paid $35 for it.

The second car I wish I still had was a 63 Mercury Comet convertible. 6 cylinder and a 4 speed transmission. Oil pump crapped out miles from home, didn’t get far before the whole engine seized. Saw the same car restored about 5 years later, it was for sale at $3000. I paid $15 for it.

The last car was a 66 Dodge Charger Hemi. It has been sitting for about 14 years when I bought it with 37,000 miles on it. Paid $850 for it. Pulled the hemi and sold it for what I paid for the car and built a circle track race car out of it. Flipped the car in a crash and totaled it. Someone gave me $200 for the wrecked shell and hauled it away. No idea what they did with it.

That looks just like my '80 model! I’ll make you a good deal on a '79 if you want the fun back.

I saw a new one at a dealership about 30 years ago that was a grey. Mine was blue.

I liked the fairing I had put on mine. I also put Vance and Hines pipe on that made it sound beautiful as well as a great Corbin seat.

I think I freaked a bit after dumping it (44 years of riding and it is the only dive I’ve ever taken and it’s probably why I sold it so quickly afterwards.) Not like me to turn chicken. I really fucked up my leg and ankle when I spilled. I had no problem riding my Harleys still afterwards.

What’s weird is I did a whole bunch of dickhead things on it and never had a scrape. I rode it down a steep flight of cement steps regularly, even took a jump with in on a ramp/track made for enduros. Never had a problem.

I miss that bike sincerely. I am tempted to buy another one. Folks are still asking a premium for them, though.

Hummm… I smell a deal brewing. I got the Corbin seat, a Supertrapp (and the original) and that god-awful fairing. Super low miles and clean as a whistle! You’re right about that premium thing, however. These are getting scarce!

Which fairing do you have? I had the sport fairing which was small but expensive as hell for what it was.

Some after-market full fairing with a square headlight. It’s not a Spec-II. Haven’t been able to establish the brand. Mounts with hinky brackets and hose clamps. One bracket bolted to the radiator! Utterly horrible in my opinion. I seem to recall the mirrors mounted up high next to the shield and shook so bad, they were useless. The lower on the exhaust side got hot one to many times and left a little mark.

It doesn’t look bad hanging from the ceiling of the garage, however.

My '87 silver Honda CRX. Loved driving that car and I had a lot of plans for it. Marriage and kids turned it into a 92 Cherokee, also silver.

I got one of those!

(Are all y’all getting tired of me yet?)

My Dad used to have a 1967 Mustang fast-back, very much like Steve McQueen’s in “Bullitt” (though that one was a '68).

He let me drive it after I got my license, so it was essentially “my” car during my Junior and Senior years in High School (1980-1981).

I am ashamed to admit that I did not appreciate what I had. Instead of realizing what an awesome car I was allowed to drive, I was mostly frustrated by its quirks - the carburetor was finicky, it flooded easily, and the gas gauge didn’t work. Dad tried to use that car to pass some of his mechanical mastery down to me, but it didn’t take.

If I had it to do over again, I would have been much more reverent of that machine, and maybe even tried to buy it from him when I started working (he kept it until I was about 25 or so).


I never let this out till now, but swamp cooked me up the best damn fuse-block cover for my BMWe10, and labeled it so clever, I left it on there. Use it still to this day.

This poster is A-OK in my book. Even if they are Canadian. :grin:

I take a couple of cans to the food bank every year, in your honor.

1995 Nissan Maxima. So comfortable and had enough power to make me feel safe (drove a Datsun 1200 for many years which had only slightly more power than a manual lawnmower, making left turns…challenging). That Max eventually died with over 330,000 miles on it. I now drive a 2014 Maxima, and it’s a good old folks car. That 1995 Max was my wild child.

Well I’ll take that as a compliment, even if it is from a heat crazed, desert dwelling pack rat… :laughing:
With great taste in cars. And I’m honoured.

Yep. And you a good dude/dudette. Nice job on the fuse cover.

I miss my KLR 650. It wasn’t particularly fast, but it was ergonomically perfect. I didn’t care to ride it long distance but around town it was just right. Technically I still own it, but it’s in pieces after theft recovery.