your first car

Does every one rember thier first car and would u like to have it again
my first car was a 1968 dodge pickup with a slant six it was un stopable until a walmart light pole stoped it on an icy day but i would love to have a car like that again

I had a 1981 Isuzu I-Mark. White, four-door. It was a dorky sedan but it was freedom!

My buddies talked a lot of shit but when confronted with the option of either shutting the fuck up or walking, they chose the former.

It was a good first car, fairly reliable, not too fast or too sporty. 17 year old boys should have cars that when showing off can kill or maim them. Would I want it again? Nah. I’ve done a little better in the car department since then.

I did have a lot of love for a later car, a 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco. It was pretty sporty and fun to drive…

My first car was a hand-me-down 1966 MGB roadster. It didn’t run and its white paint was chalky and the red interior faded to pink. Got it running. Painted it orange (one of the later colours) and gave it a black interior. Drove the hell out of it (as well as my second and third cars, '77 MGBs) until I got an old Porsche 924. Twenty years and a few cars later (a couple of Chevy Sprints, a Porsche 911SC and a Jeep Cherokee) I have a duplicate – only in much better condition, and with overdrive this time.

I had a Mazda station wagon, it was metallic blue with day glo pink wipers. It was horrid! Not long after I owned it, you didn’t really have to push the clutch down much to shift gears, and near the end of it’s life, you could see the highway under the passenger floorboard.
It was scrapped at a Missouri junkyard because it (obviously) wouldn’t pass the inspection.
I drove home in a Pontiac Ventura. Now that was a car.

Mine was a steel boat…an early 70’s Pontiac Bonneville…4-door.

Until I wrecked it, that is. Pulled out in front of a car leaving school on a major road where practically everyone at school saw my mishap. Ugh. I hated high school.

Unfortunately I DO remember my first “car”…

1988 ford escort pony, a.k.a the “Murphy’s Lawmobile”, you name it, it broke, it was the worst unmitigated piece of Ebola-ridden monkey excrement I ever had the misfortune of doing time in…

Dear Og i HATED that car, I will never, ever own a ford product again, EVER!

It was a 1978 Dodge Colt station wagon with faded burgandy paint. It looked just like this. Quite a looker, eh? I don’t have much nostalgia for it.

We’ve done this before however…

My first car was a Mazda Capella. My second was the 1966 MGB roadster (British Racing Green, black interior, with overdrive!). I still have it but I drive something way more boring on a daily basis.

1974 (or was it '75?) dark brown Honda Civic 2 door hatchback, manual transmission.
Previous owners lived out on a farm and used it for hauling so it had one of those tow ball thingies on the back and in the front were 2 mirrors (one for each side) close to the front end of the car. I even had a bumper sticker I found placed on the back bumper “Japanese Cadillac”. My dad was a Honda mechanic and he got this car really really cheap - like $300. And gas mileage was unbelievable!

Everyone knew my car… and they named it “The Roach” because it looked like a huge brown metal bug with antennas. Gods I have some good memories of that car - like the time some of the smart ass jocks decided to relocate it (yeah, a group of them could pick it up and move it) for S&G’s.

It was a dorky ass car, and it was falling apart, and if it ever came back to me I’d think it was the Japanese version of Christine and be completely horrified.

Of course, the worst car I ever owned was the very first one I purchased brand new off the lot.

1972 Vega. Not only no, but hell NO!

3, 5, 7 and 8 (GTO, Firebird, TransAm and '56 5-window) Yes. In a heartbeat, especially now that I can afford the gas and tires. Especially the Goat.

Just FYI, you might want to investigate the basics of punctuation and spelling before posting again. Please.

1976 Fiat 128 wagon. 2-doors. The front seats tilted forward - via a hinge at the front edge (as in, the whole seat tilted, not just the back) to let you into the back. Mom and Dad bought it used, from some friends, who needed something with 4 doors. They bought it so I’d have a car for my senior year in college.

27 years later, I’ve forgiven them. Mostly.

I was in college in Chapel Hill. The nearest place that could work on it was in Durham, at the Fiat dealership. They knew me by name by the time I graduated. It probably averaged 100 dollars a month in repair bills during the entire 2+ years I owned that car. The clutch cable broke (very common problem; my brother’s car did the same). The clutch itself had to be repaired. The windshield wiper motor died on two separate occasions. One of those, I was driving on the interstate and it started raining. That was a fun trip.

The head gasket died - 3 days before we were to drive it to Florida for spring break. That was 300 bucks. The radiator died on another occasion.

Things went wrong with the wheels. The dealer where I was living in Charlotte ripped me off for that repair because they did it once, then 4 months later redid it and refused to refund the entire overcharge when I disputed it. On an earlier occasion, they had it for service and did something to damage the muffler. They insisted they hadn’t messed it up. For a month or more I drove around with a car that sounded like a motorcycle until I got it to Midas.

The radio stopped working.

And when I finally scraped up enough money for a down payment, I decided to get a Dodge Omni. Yes, that (as dreadful a car as it was) was an improvement. The Dodge dealer didn’t offer me much for trade-in for the Fiat so I sold it to the Fiat dealer. On the way there, someone hit me from behind and crumpled the bumper. A fitting end to an unfit car relationship.

The only thing I can say in its favor was it only stranded me once. And that time (one of the clutch-cable failures) was near enough to home that I could walk home.

1985 Toyota Corolla. I LOVED that car… right up until the day something broke and all the oil leaked out and the engine seized up and died…

'78 Honda Accord. Great first car. Lasted two years because I drove that little m’fer into the ground. I was a kid. No matter how my father ranted and raved about oil changes and keeping it clean, I ignored things like that. I even knew HOW to change the oil, but I was lazy.
It got me everywhere I wanted to go. A real trooper in the face of fickle neglect. It wasn’t cool, but damn if it wasn’t handy.
Now this was in '88, and it set my pop back $2000. I had to pay every penny of it back. A couple of years later, when my sister was ready to drive, she got a MAXIMA that was worth twice that, and cool to boot. I still haven’t quite gotten over that.

1980 Dodge Omni named George. He was a great car. Never got stuck in mud, snow, gravel pits…the only time he got stuck was sliding sideways off the driveway in three inches of ice.

Loved that car.

1963 Chevy Nova station wagon–looked like this, but in blue. Bought it for 165 bucks and it was the bomb–we camped in it and drove it all over Northern California when my daughter was a baby and when I was pregnant with my son. That car embodied freedom to me. Nice little economical straight six, had more power than you’d expect. The body was pristine–no bondo, never even been dinged that I could find and since it was a Cali car–no rust. If I still had that bugger I’d have it all tricked out and would probably give it to the grandkid when he got old enough. I’d have it back in a heartbeat!

I also wouldn’t mind having another shot at doing right by the '56 Plymouth 2-door wagon I had–that thing was a tank but could’ve been fun to restore. Wish I still had the 1980 K5 Blazer–man, that was the nicest highway cruiser/roadtrip-mobile ever and if I still had it I’d have that thing fitted out for 4-wheeling bigtime. We tried to get to Bagby last week in a wimpy ass Exploder–the big Blazer would’ve tore that snow UP!

It was a 1976 Plymouth “Feather Duster” 225cid Slant 6, 4speed tranny. Installed an eight-track (It was the '70’s!)

I truly love that car right up till the day a tree jumped in front of it :stuck_out_tongue:

If I could have a car back in brand new condition it would be the '81 Honda Civic station wagon I picked up in 1987. drove it for nine years and kept good records. The car got an average of thirty miles to the gallon, uphill, downhill, sideways.
There were times I thought is was larger inside than out. Miss that little green beasty.

My first car was a bright yellow VW bug convertible with a black rag top. 1966. It was cute, although it was impossible to see out of the rearview mirror when the top was down. And it came with a shift key.


You had a Deathmobile, and loved it?
The front transaxle on mine separated while driving on a curving back road in New England. It was only luck that kept it from being a worse accident - the first I realized I had a problem was when the tree in front of me wasn’t moving out of my field of view as I was in the middle of an S curve. I hit the tree and rolled the car. I got out without any injuries, just bruises, pulled muscles and more adrenaline than I knew what to do with.

That was bad enough.

About two-three weeks later we got a letter from Chrysler telling us, basically, they were “sorry” to hear of the accident, but since they’d already recalled some nominal number of that model Omni for the flaw that caused the accident, we couldn’t sue them.

I will never purchase a new Chrysler vehicle, and will avoid another one as much as possible.

(Of course, I also liked my Ford Escort Pony, which MacTech has such hate for.)

So… You’d rate the crashworthiness Good?

1970 Dodge Charger. I loved that car and would love to own it again, unfortunately I wrapped it around a telephone pole in my younger dumber days…