Ever have the face split off your iphone?

It’s happening right now. How much time do I have? Am I on the knife edge?

It’s in the casing, but I can see the light inside. The front is coming off, but it’s working. But for how long?

It means your battery is swelling. It’s a known defect in some Iphones. You need to get it fixed ASAP. It could catch fire at any moment, and it is also potentially leaking moderately toxic chemicals into your pocket.

Happened recently to my Galaxy S6. Same issue: the battery is swelling because it’s getting old. It’s packaged in a flat, sealed bag and so even mild internal pressure is enough to pop the face off the phone (which is just glued into place). Batteries start generating gases when they degrade sufficiently.

Mine did not explode or catch fire, and in fact worked fine for several days. Nevertheless, I would recommend storing it someplace safe and getting it repaired ASAP. The battery replacement should be pretty cheap. I replaced mine myself for <$20.

I had the Apple store do mine. They wanted about $85 if I remember correctly. Actually they didn’t even replace the battery. They just gave me a re-conditioned one for the cost of a replacement battery (At Apple retail of course).

I spent something like $16 for a battery+tools kit on Amazon, which included the appropriate screwdrivers, spudgers, suction cup, and of course the battery. It was an extra $3 for the adhesive strips to get it back together.

The only problem I ran into was that in peeling off the old adhesive, the backing paint came off. So the phone looks a little decrepit now, but whatever.

I would not recommend doing it yourself unless you’re both patient and reasonably handy with fiddly things. But I suspect you could find a local shop to do it for <$40 total.