Ever hear of "blameless blue"?

Recently, in a book I was reading, I came across the phrase “blameless blue” (as the author was describing a ‘blameless blue’ sky). Indeed, I was quite taken with such an apparently unique and evocative alliterative word pairing. In fact, when I considered it in concert with the many other clever and creative devices in the book, I became even more convinced of the author’s considerable talent.

In any case, some time later, out of curiosity, I searched the internet for the exact phrase, “blameless blue”. Expecting no matches, I was nonplussed to find 87 distinct hits for it using Google, and almost 200 hits though Yahoo search!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “blameless blue”? I know I hadn’t, and that made me all the more surprised to learn that it’s not too rare at all.

Speaking as the SDSAB’s current expert on the color blue (shameless plug), I assume it was a creation of the poet, Gregg Glory. That’s the sort of phrase we expect out of poets, and we can expect others to steal it. I know I would, had Gregg Brown hadn’t also created such a pretentious nom de plume. (Yeah, Gregg, I used a Frenchism. I can match your pretentions one for one!)