Ever hear of the Biker Boys from Illinois?

>I recently met a man who calls himself Gil Piney. I know there is a
>man by that name associated with Gibson Guitars. However, this man
>tells my husband and I stories of touring with a band by the name of
>“The Biker Boys from Illinois” from the mid to late "70’s and early
>80’s. They supposedly were the opening act for many big name bands,
>such as Ted Nugent. He said they had a manager and were on the Epic
>recording label.
>He is very entertaining with all of his stories, but the fact that I
>can find nothing online related to this band seems odd.
>He said there were videos on Youtube. I only find a current band
>called Biker Boyz, which is all black males.
>I am just curious if you can know or can verify this band existed
>back then and who some of the other band members were.

I remember a band called The Boyzz From Illinois. They are out on YouTube. Their style seems to fit your bill.


Philip Montoro of the Reader has posted some info about the Boyzz at:


Mrs. Convict works with former Boyzz bassist Dave Angel. Pretty nice guy.

Yep Gil Pinney played for The Boyzz.
I bought the album in 1981 in Canberra,Australia.
I was playing in a band at the time and used to scour the record shops for new music.
The cover grabbed my attention.
It wasn’t too bad an album,some of it reminded me of another band around that time,The Good Rats.
I’ve taken some poor quality photos of the jacket and sleeve and put them in photobucket,hope they’re allowed.

Gil is centre at back

Anyway Shelley,thanks,it brought back some great memories from some good times and good to hear that the "“Boyzz” are still going strong in some form or another

Simple mispelling really messes up the search!
Here is link to one of their videos:
My husband and I followed them alot in the 70’s - we loved their rockin performances!