Ever heard yourself snore?

I just pet fresh batteries in my digital mini recorder, and thought it might be funny to let it record all night. I had heard that I snored, and have even been awakened by it before, but to actually hear it was almost creepy. It sounded like someone trying to drown a walrus. I can’t imagine how I sleep through that. Thankfully there was no evidence of sleep farting, so I have that going for me. Anyone else ever tried this?

I haven’t recorded myself, but my husband has tried.

I will never, EVER admit this to him, but I’ve woken myself up with my own snoring. If I’ve just, just fallen asleep. That loud, strange noise coming right out of my face! has jolted me back awake.

My wife recorded me once. Holy Crap! No idea how she ever gets to sleep but she says it does not bother her. I would go nuts if I had to deal with somebody who snores as loud as I do.

My snoring wakes me up sometimes. Marcie and I sleep in separate rooms because of my snoring. Yes, she has recorded me.

Due to an unfortunate respiratory condition I sometimes snore when awake.

It can be quite embarrassing on the train to work.

I’ve never recorded myself, but I have fallen asleep in front of the TV and woke myself up with my own snore. It’s embarassing, even if I’m the only one here.

Tis another one who’s been startled and woken up by the strange sound (one self is making).

Another one here who has woken herself up with a snore. No one else has ever mentioned my snoring.

I also wake myself up when I talk in my sleep.

If I am sleeping on my back for some reason I will occasionally wake myself snoring. Never recorded myself though

Oh yeah! I have startled myself awake while dosing off in front of the TV.
Actually, my husband has video footage of me ZZing, sNORKing, and waving my arms around. I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. So I actually stop breathing as well as make horrible noises.
While it is amusing (ha-hah!) it may actually be life threatening. You may want to have the recording evaluated, ** dnoorman**, by your doctor.
Apparently, I have had a snoring problem most of my life and frightened my younger sister once on a train trip. She thought it was a gorilla grunting at her.

I’ve never recorded myself snoring. I am told I don’t snore regularly but of course I do it if I fall asleep in the wrong position or with some stuffiness.

However, I dream a lot and occasionally I will be very frustrated in my dreams because no one can hear me over all that noise. Turns out that the noise is me snoring.

It’s very frustrating!

I’ve only heard myself snoring when I’m sitting on the sofa or lying in bed with Mrs essell and we’re dozing. If I drift off into sleep I might wake myself with a loud snore.