Ever lose a wallet? Ever give the finder a reward?

This thread is prompted by an event this morning, in which I found a stranger’s ID badge on the street. My first instinct was to just ignore it, but then I thought that she might need it, so I picked it up. It wasn’t hard to track her down, so I called her at her job. I’ll meet her after work to return it to her. (She lives just down the street from me.) I really don’t expect more than a thank you for doing this.

But three times in my past, I’ve found wallets. Again, it really wasn’t hard to track down the owners, and they were all thankful that I was an honest citizen. And they should have been. While there was no cash inside, I found credit cards, photos, and in one case a – green card? – whatever it was, the owner would have had to return to the USSR. That was a fate he really dreaded.

Hey, I can be a good citizen at times. And I don’t ask for anything more than appreciation for doing a good deed. A good deed is its own reward. But I am a little surprised that in no case has the person offered me a little reward. I don’t even know if I’d accept one, but sheesh! Isn’t it standard practice to at least offer a little something?

(In the case of the lost ID, I won’t take cash. I’d settle for hot monkey sex. But will she offer it? Probably not.)

So I ask you – when someone returned your wallet or other valuable item, did you offer a reward? Should you have?

I do. Even if it’s just the cash I have on me at that moment. I’ve only ever lost it once, though, and he wouldn’t take any money. He went all cowboy on me anyway.

:dubious: All cowboy? How does one do this, and was it good for you?

drawl “Never a problem miss, it’s the least I can do for you. Nah, I don’t need any money. It’s what anyone would have done.” swagger cock hips smile so light glints off teeth
Etc. And it was cute and all but I was more inclined to get my wallet back and go.

The one time I had a lost wallet returned (the one time I lost my wallet) I gave the guy all my cash. He was a junkie, so he appreciated it. The funny thing is, I lost it in the parking lot of a gay bar I was visiting with some lesbian friends, so he assumed I was gay, like him, and I was working for a needle exchange, so I had a municipal card entitling me to carry syringes legally, so he assumed I was a junkie, like him. He told me he returned the wallet out of comradeship.

The one time my wife and I found a wallet, we called the owner, who brought us a cheap bottle of wine and a few lottery tickets, which I thought was really sweet.

The “finder”? Ha!

I’ve lost my wallet on countless occassions. Each time, the finder has helped themselves to the reward, or so I assume.

I recently lost my wallet, I left it at a restaurant and they found my mom’s number and so she picked it up and so I had no opportunity to meet whoever found it. I hugged my mom though. :slight_smile:

I wonder that in my cases, the person had assumed that when I found the wallet, I had helped myself to the cash (as there was none). In that case, my reward for my honesty is to be thought of as a thief.

A few years ago, a group of us were in Iceland for New Years. On New Year’s eve, we attended a fairly fancy party and my wallet ended up falling out of a pocket. The next morning, before I was even awake, the hotel we were staying in got a phone call. An American serviceman stationed there had found my wallet. Thankfully, I had a card for the hotel in it.

He didn’t have a car, so he took a bus with his 2 sons, and brought me my wallet. I tried to offer a reward (Can I at least cover bus fare / how about something to take the kids out for a treat?) but he turned it down. Dang am I ever thankful that someone took such pity on me. Dealing with a lost wallet while on an overseas vacation over a holiday would not have been fun.

To clarify, I’ve never again seen any wallet that I have lost.


I just don’t get the mindset that one could see a wallet in the gutter and not try to contact the owner. I guess that some get picked over then tossed in the trash.

I found a businessman’s Blackberry on campus last year-- he was visiting from Hong Kong and I managed to find a local number in his address book, who turned out to be his aunt, and got the think back to him. He sent me an Amazon gift certificate for like 100 bucks or something outlandish like that out of amazement that someone was decent.

I lost a wallet as a teenager at a movie theatre. It seems that the combination of the hinged seat and a not very deep back pocket caused my wallet to drop to the floor. I confirmed this when I lost a second wallet at the same theatre some months later when wearing the same pair of pants again. Being a quick study :rolleyes: I didn’t let this happen a third time.

The good news is both times the cinema called me to say they have found my wallet. No money was missing. If I lost a wallet today and had it returned I would offer a reward. I was not that sophisticated (cheap?) as a teenager.

I tend to be absent minded and have left a lot of valuables lying around. I have always gotten them back.

I lost a wallet when I was 20ish and it had a significant amount of money (at least to me at the time) in it. It was not returned.

I left a wallet at a store 15 years ago. Not too much money in it. I gave the clerks 20 bucks. At the time I thought I was generous. Now I wonder…

I lost my wallet in New York City. An old lady found it. She called my office since my business card was in the wallet and gave them her address so I could retrieve it from her.

Luckily i was in uniform that day (military) since she told me she saw my military ID and wasn’t going to give the wallet to anyone except a government employess. I had about 90 bucks in it too. It was all there. When I asked her what I could do to repay her for being so kind she said “I’m an old woman, son…just pray for my health.”.

When I got back to my base I sent her a big thing of roses. It cost me about 90 bucks, but as I told my wife I wouldn’t even have that money if not for that sweet old lady. I remember she called me at work the day the flowers were delivered to say thanks. I hope that old lady is alright. She actually restored my faith in the kindness of people somewhat.

I’ve never found one. I’m sure though that I have walked past wallets before. I can be singularly unobservant.

Last summer I left my wallet on the counter of the convenience store where I had stopped for a soda. Since that was the last place I had it, I went back there and sure enough the lady behind the counter had it. I only had $20 bucks in it, but I gave it to her - and just laid it on the counter when she didn’t want to take it. I told her it was the least I could do for not having to go through all the hassle of replacing everything in the wallet.

I only lost a wallet once, and the guy gave me directions to his work place, which was unfortunately a service industry location (oil change place,) which made giving him a reward awkward (might look like a bribe or out-of-cashregister payment,) but it woulda only been ten bucks or so anyway.

My husband lost his phone at a street fair a couple of months ago. He was freaking out and looking everywhere, then gave it up for lost. The next morning, he got a phone call on the home phone - a beer vendor had found it! And called “home.” :slight_smile: We gave him twenty bucks and bought a couple of more beers from him.

I lost my checkbook once in the San Francisco subway, and a homeless guy saw me lose it and followed me all the way back to the youth hostel where I was staying to return it (or maybe he saw that I’d written a check to the Hostel and figured it out that way–I forget). I thanked him effusively, but after a few minutes of his pointing out how much trouble he’d gone to to get it back to me, I finally took the hint and offered him five bucks, which was a lot of money to me then. It still wasn’t very generous, now that I look back on it.