Ever meet a doper in real life by complete accident?

It was around the time that I “discovered” the SD. I was going through the archives, but had not gone to the message board. Several of us would go to a bar for some drinks Friday nights and the SD came up somehow. Road Rash mentioned the message board, but I kept forgetting until about it until the third or so time he mentioned it in conversation.

I was in a store in Belleville, Ontario. They were doing some survey about something, and I can’t remember the first two choices, but the last was “Hi Opal!”
I asked the guy working who had made the list, but he wasn’t sure.

I will. :slight_smile: I usually only hit the grocery store in the mornings or Saturday afternoons, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Does this count?

The thread where Mozman realizes that we met before either of us joined the boards.

Not exactly a doper meeting, more like a moment.

I took care of a patient recently named Jack Batty. I was amused all day but couldn’t really explain why I found the whole thing so funny.

I recently found out that one of my best friend’s used to be a Doper back on the old AOL boards. That was an interesting revelation.

CalMeacham once came and gave a talk at my school about his book, a talk which I attended. I was just a lurker (and only in the Pit) at that point, but I eventually expanded my horizons and joined up, then one day Cal posted a link to his book’s website. And that’s how I inadvertently met a Doper.

I’ve run into Inertia a couple times, always at restaurants. Twice it was at the food court in Northbrook Court and once I was walking home on Howard street and as I walked through the Popeyes parking lot, out he comes with his girlfriend!

Hi, hedra! Good times, good times… :wink:

Turns out Encinitas and I work across the parking lot from each other. :slight_smile:


I found out second period today that I was sitting next to hobbes730. How about that?


Not from the SDMB, no, but I used to post on a board sponsored by Petsmart.

One of the frequent posters there started a thread, saying that she was very nervous because she’d taken her dog, Cady, in for a spay that morning. In the middle of my “Good Luck, I’m sure she’ll be fine” post, it hit me: that very morning I, too, had gone to the vet, to drop off a sample of my puppy’s poop. While I was there, I was greeted by a very friendly dog who crawled under my dress and rolled over on her back. The woman at the other end of the leash kept calling (per my assumption/interpretation), "Katie, come back . . . no, Katie . . . " and apologizing to me as I joked that now “Katie” knew my secret: that my legs were horribly in need of a razor.

So, on a whim, I posted the story of “Katie-beneath-my-dress” in the thread, and asked the woman if she happened to live in my city and go to my vet.

Turned out that yep, it was her!

If I hung out at the library eating baked goods a little more often, I might have met Baker, but as it is, we met here first, when I mentioned something about living in Topeka, KS.

After last year’s Minneapolis Dopefest, I ran into Ivar at a White Stripes show. And I think I saw rubes at the Taste of Minnesota, but he was far away, so I wasn’t sure.

KKBattousai threw up on me in the drunk tank in King County jail a week before I met him “for real” at the Seattle film festival. Boy, if you think he was embarrassed, at least he wasn’t doing what I was doing.

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Don’t know if it counts but I MAY have run into a doper without realizing it…it seems on a thread I started a while back that we both frequented the same coffee shop for a while…can’r remmber their name now and i’m too tired o search for the thread :frowning:

I was gonna post about this. The truth is that I don’t know which one of the people who showed up was melandry, since I didn’t even find out that I’d met a Doper until afterwords, when melandry mentioned it here on the Board. I’ve been two to Boston-area Dopefests, but I don’t think melandry was at either one.

Not any active types, but several lurkers. I’m a SDMB prophet. When people ask me what sites I visit, this is always first on the list. I’ve probably had 6 or 7 people say “Hey, I go there too!” I don’t ask for usernames though, and no one’s ever volunteered one, so I assume they lurk in the darkness with the hamsters.


Oh, I forgot! After ChiDope last year, quixotic78, Jessica2 and I stopped for gas in BFE, Indiana. Where we ran into thinksnow and Superdude, who were, of course, also returning from ChiDope. Kinda neat.

I met a doper long before SDMB even existed. When I was on the USS Ranger in '83 we had a pretty severe fire and helicopters from other ships had to bring us additional supplies. After telling a few sea stories here we discovered CheifScott was in one of those helos, very likely handing 5 gallon cans of firefighting foam to me on the flight deck. :smiley:

I met iampunha, as he notes upthread. I also ran into gobear on the Metro one afternoon; we discussed Harry Turtledove’s latest novel. And I saw Geobabe a few times at the Fairfax City library before she decamped for more salubrious climes.

MikeG, if you frequent Evanston bars at all, I’m sure we’ve seen each other at some point.

I’ll just wear my “Mooch” nametag from now on.