Have you ever met a fellow Doper in real life, by pure chance?

I was sitting in finance class today, and my Professor started talking about a WAG, and how someone in another class had offered it to a question. The instructor asked (or implied) if any of us knew what a WAG was, I offered the answer, and then pondered if a fellow doper has my instuctor for a class.

Have you ever met a fellow doper in real life, by pure coincidence? (Dopefests, and other pre-arranged situations do not count)

If so, how did you meet, and confirm that both of you were dopers?

WAG, as an acronym is pretty common, but to your question, nope.

I’ve only met two, and both on purpose.

It’d be cool to come up to a street corner somewhere, where someone was up on a box, preaching the Truth of Cecil to the unbelievers.

Hasn’t happened yet. I live in hope, though. :slight_smile:

I met three and a half more tonight, *knd * of by chance, if you count the fact that I so rarely go to trivia night here in Seattle, and also count the fact that after three Guinness, I was out of commission for the night. I’m still not all here. Celebrationing and all. Shame is for tomorrow, by gum! But otherwise, eh, I was bound to run in to them sometime if I showed up. The rest of them, I’ve met before. On purpose. counts Eight of 'em? More?

Ask me tomorrow. I owe sdomebody five bucks.

Spectre of Pithecanthropus came within a hair’s breadth of bumping into each other a couple of years ago at Alpine Village, a small and little-attended German-influenced shopping center in South L.A. SP started a thread about it, and we realized we were there on the same day in the same time frame. It’s highly likely we walked right past each other, perhaps more than once, since there’s very few shops there.

I once ran into CrankyAsAnOldMan on the street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Does that count? We already knew each other. And we both lived in Ann Arbor. And Ann Arbor isn’t really that big, so it’s probably not that surprising.

See, this is why we need a secret handshake.

Try walking up to random strangers and demanding “Cite??”

What? You don’t know it??

EveCon, a small gaming convention in Washington several years ago (probably late 2000). I sit down to play History of the World with some strangers and the guy across from me has a nametag that says ‘John Corrado’. I introduced myself and asked and it was him. Bingo, completely random.

I’ve never met a Doper unintentionally. However, I know of a Doper who works at my last employer. I never did make it over to meet him/her before I left…

I found “tracks” of a Doper in the Club World lounge of British Air at Heathrow. They had free terminals for web access, and I sat down and started typing “boards.strai…” and the browser autocompleted for me. When I came here, I found I was logged in as someone (they didn’t clear cookies…) and could browse as them. I forget who it is now, as it was about 4 years ago. That’s the closest I’ve come to an accidental meeting.

Nope. And I have a T-shirt that says:

3. Hi Opal!

So if another Doper saw me in it, I’m pretty sure I’d have been called on it.

Sort of. When I was in Ireland a bunch of people from a different message board I’m also on got together, and over the course of a few (too many) drinks it was established that another girl there and I were both Dopers (though I don’t think she posts or even lurks anymore).


There’s a user on here that plays the same foam fighting game I do. One day, while running a search I noticed he had posted about he same game I play. I’d known him for a couple of years before we discovered that we were both Dopers.

Similar thing hapened to me. I was walking into the gate area at YVR (Vancouver BC) there was a public internet terminal where someone had just gotten up (did not see who it was) as the machine went to reset I could see the SDMB displayed on the screen.
I was gonna start a thread to ask who, but I got busy and forgot.

I am doing this today. Off to the T-shirt store…
Does it count if I converted someone? I used to e-mail a friend funny/interesting threads, and he claims to have registered, but I never followed up and asked for his username. Dummy’s probably just lurking.

You out there Joe?

I met Cowboy Greg at a Dope/FathomFest once. We had worked together years before.

No, but a few weeks ago I thought I had: A co-worker came up to me and said, “Hey, when I sat next to you at that meeting yesterday, did I see you browsing the Straight Dope on your laptop?” I got a little excited, and said, “Yeah! Why, do you post there?” Turned out that he just has all of the books. :frowning:

Yes, and oh boy, did I feel bad about it.

I was analyzing traffic on our network when I saw the URL and IP for the board flash across the screen; when I checked, I saw that the local IP accessing the board wasn’t my computer’s address, so that must have meant a co-worker also read/posted to the SDMB. After tracing the local IP back to the computer using it, I noted the company user to which it belonged and filed the info away in case I ever met up with her. I figured it’d be a fun conversation to have.

What I didn’t count on was my own bumbling of the situation. The next time I saw her, I took her aside and asked whether she posted on the Straight Dope.

“No!” she said, almost frightened. “I have so much work to do that I don’t have time for personal browsing.”

I was confused. I knew the traffic came from her computer, but here she was saying otherwise. Plus, hey, stilted and formal speech. It took me a few seconds, but then I realized that, in her eyes, a company system admin was accusing her of wasting company time.

“Wait, I post there, too,” I quickly told her. (She was about ready to bolt.) “I just happened to see traffic going to the Straight Dope and thought I’d say ‘Hello’ to another user. I don’t care what sites you visit.”

After that, she relaxed a bit, and we talked for a few minutes, but I could see that she was still pretty uncomfortable. Alas, I may have scared off a potential paying member; thus far, she has let her guesthood expire. I guess I oughta throw in $15 to make up for it.